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  1. I would like to notice, that we have to use external RAM as a Framebuffer (we do not have 200kB in internal RAM). Heap after adding file system on external Flash/USB grows up to enormous size (png converter) - we have to keep it in external RAM also. We use the same external RAM configuration (and the same HW) for TouchGFX framework, and it works fine. We don't have LTDC on NXP mcu. We set up CPU and compiler in configuration file. We spent time to figure out how to handle our external RAM and FLASH properly. And we prove it on commercial product with TouchGFX on board. Now we would like to check your library. And we can not find out how to solve performance problem. We have problem with filling the screen with color, and we have huge problem with showing .png file from external memory (even if it cached in RAM). DCWR
  2. Hi, We have a problem with low GUI performance on TFT. Our HW setup: LPC1853 - Cortex-M3, 180 MHz External SDRAM - 90 MHz TFT - 768x128px, RGB, TFT running at 10 MHz Our SW setup: RGB565 format single framebuffer (framebuffer footprint - 192kB) FreeRTOS We setup uGFX and established initial code for that : void APP_Init(void) { TFT_BacklightOnOff(true); Set_TFT_Backlight(PWM_100); SysInterfaceInit(); // Create the initialization task xTaskCreate(APP_InitTask, "Init Task", 1024, 0, 1, &InitTaskHandler); vTaskStartScheduler(); } static void APP_InitTask(void* pvParameters) { gfxInit(); xTaskCreate(APP_GuiTask, "Gui Task", 1024, 0, 1, 0); vTaskDelete(InitTaskHandler); } static void APP_GuiTask(void* pvParameters) { for (;;) { gdispClear(Black); vTaskDelay(1000); gdispClear(White); vTaskDelay(1000); } } And we quickly find out that it works slowly. It is easy to see the redrawing process. There is nothing else in the system. We are only drawing this in one task. We tried also to show on the display .png file from USB stick. We set up a FatFs on that and tried to show pictures like that : Variant 1 - png format directly from USB; Variant 2 - the same picture converted to raw RG565 format; // VARIANT 1 static void APP_GuiTask(void* pvParameters) { gdispImage myImage1; gdispImageOpenFile(&myImage1, "1:1.png"); gdispImageCache(&myImage1); } // VARIANT 2 static void APP_GuiTask(void* pvParameters) { gdispImage myImage2; gdispImageOpenFile(&myImage2, "1:a.bin"); gdispImageCache(&myImage2); } Both ways gave us an answer: very slow performance. We used cache mechanism to improve performance with a result: slow performance (a small improvement, really small). We also check how it looks when we use external flash memory (QSPI, 60 MHz) - nothing happens, GUI is still working slow enough to see the redrawing process. Please see gfxconf.h in the attachment. Could you help us? PS. We made on this HW setup one project with commercial graphics framework, and we had good performance (with animations). Best regards, DCWR gfxconf.h
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