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  1. Great thanks Joel. First four is done, but the two last ones totally make sense.
  2. Hi Joel. I'm using serial output. The system is running. No uGFX logo. If I would saw that, that would be a big step further. Anyway, I saw that logo on a virtual LCD and then all that interface I have implemented, so the code is working. Yes, integration is working as I have put the debugging messages into LCD SPI write calls and all of them are invoking properly.
  3. Forgot to say. As you may see, uGFX integration into a project is not an issue, so I literally need to bring up the LCD.
  4. Hey guys ! I'm stucking while bringing up my ILI9488-based LCD: https://www.buydisplay.com/download/manual/ER-TFTM035-6_Datasheet.pdf Here's my codes /* board_ILI9488.h */ /* * This file is subject to the terms of the GFX License. If a copy of * the license was not distributed with this file, you can obtain one at: * * http://ugfx.org/license.html */ #ifndef _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H #define _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H /* * * This code has been compiled mostly from the spi_master_example that is included * in the espressif idf under examples/peripherals/spi_master. *
  5. Hello everyone. I may not understand the whole workflow, so please correct me if I'm wrong. The normal workflow using uGFX-Studio as following: we're dragging/dropping the interface pieces and then generating the result codes. My question is about the reverse order: is there's a chance to make a to render on host from the ready codes ? I'm not asking about the generation of the uGFX project from C sources, but just rendering of some codes in order not to flash the target every time I've made a changes in a code. Thanks !
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