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  1. Hello All, Thank you for the replies. Meanwhile, I have been working away at the code I already have, and after many hours I think I am just about at the point of getting it to work. I have the advantage of having a 'scope to look at SPI waveforms. The display works correctly on a RaspberryPi board with the CPP code from Waveshare, and so I can capture known working SPI waveforms to compare with what my plain C code generates. More to do, but I think I'm nearly there. I have downloaded the files from "cpu20". In fact, they look very similar in structure to the code I am working with, so for now I will continue on my present route. But these new files could still prove very useful. I will keep you posted on progress. When I do get it working I will start work on using the uGFX graphics library. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hello, First, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this post, so my apologies if I've come to the wrong place. I am completely new to uGFX, and have not even downloaded it yet. I'd like to ask first if it will meet my purposes, as follows. I am a hobby electronics enthusiast, retired from a working life in electronics. My preferred uP is from the Microchip PIC18 range (specifically PIC18F25K50). I use the MPLABX IDE platform with XC8 compiler. I am far from expert in C code, but have learnt enough to be comfortable with the Microchip methods and libraries. My projects usually involve displays of one form or another. Up 'til now I have used small LCD and OLED panels, and am well familiar with driving them. I now want to experiment with E-paper displays, and have decided to start with the Waveshare 2.13inch E-paper HAT board. It uses an SPI interface. I have downloaded example code for this Waveshare part, from Waveshare itself and a few other sources. I had hoped to hack example code to suit my PIC18, but there is a major hurdle which I cannot get past, namely all example code seems to be written in CPP, which is no use with the XC8 compiler. Microchip do not offer a CPP compiler for their 8 bit parts, and it is beyond my abilities to translate the CPP code to C. SO -- I wonder if uGFX can help me here ? Can it generate code to drive this Waveshare display ? How will it link in with MPLABX IDE ? Does it generate C code ? I am not even sure if these are sensible questions, and I suspect there are others I should be asking. Can you offer any advice? Many thanks.
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