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  1. kapacuk

    ChibiOS Kernel v5

    Thanks guys, Could you also add one more change, as systime_t and sysinterval_t are possibly different types in ChibiOS: diff --git a/src/gos/gos_chibios.h b/src/gos/gos_chibios.h index d97d1e9f..a76fa513 100644 --- a/src/gos/gos_chibios.h +++ b/src/gos/gos_chibios.h @@ -30,7 +30,11 @@ * are already defined by ChibiOS */ +#if CH_KERNEL_MAJOR <= 4 typedef systime_t delaytime_t; +#else +typedef sysinterval_t delaytime_t; +#endif typedef systime_t systemticks_t; typedef cnt_t semcount_t; typedef msg_t threadreturn_t;
  2. kapacuk

    https://git.ugfx.io is broken?

    Thanks for fixing it, I've just created my first pull request.
  3. Hi, I would submit a pull request for one of the gdisp drivers, but I can't do it at the moment for two reasons: The SSL certificate for git.ugfx.io has expired a few days ago, so I can't clone it locally. I tried to create an account on git.ugfx.io, but never received the activation email. I requested to resend it several times, still got nothing. Yes, I checked my spam folder Could somebody fix it, please? Thanks.