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  1. I've submitted a pull request (https://git.ugfx.io/uGFX/uGFX/pulls/41). I tested it with the SPI connection, but I don't have a module with 16-bit parallel connection. I don't see why it would not work, but it would be nice if somebody could test it on a parallel module.
  2. I was wondering if this driver ever worked for anybody at all. I think I understand now. It turned out that ILI9488 can be configured to use either SPI or the parallel interface (8 bit or 16-bit). I'm using the 4-line SPI interface, but I guess that the driver was designed for 16-bit parallel interface only, which is part of the problem. The driver should not make any assumptions about the connection type, that's the job of the board file. Also, depending on the connection type, some colour modes may be not available. In particular, the RGB565 mode used by the driver is only allowed for p
  3. I bought an ILI9488 module recently, and it took me a few hours to make it work with uGFX. I think I found a bug in the ILI9488 driver. The driver uses this command the set the RGB565 mode: write_index(g, 0x3A); write_data(g, 0x55); This mode requires two bytes per pixel, but the gdisp_lld_write_color() function calls write_data() only once. Everywhere else the driver expects write_data() to send only the lower byte to the controller, as in the example above. However, gdisp_lld_write_color() assumes that write_data() would transmit both bytes of the 16-bit data. There is no way t
  4. Thanks guys, Could you also add one more change, as systime_t and sysinterval_t are possibly different types in ChibiOS: diff --git a/src/gos/gos_chibios.h b/src/gos/gos_chibios.h index d97d1e9f..a76fa513 100644 --- a/src/gos/gos_chibios.h +++ b/src/gos/gos_chibios.h @@ -30,7 +30,11 @@ * are already defined by ChibiOS */ +#if CH_KERNEL_MAJOR <= 4 typedef systime_t delaytime_t; +#else +typedef sysinterval_t delaytime_t; +#endif typedef systime_t systemticks_t; typedef cnt_t semcount_t; typedef msg_t threadreturn_t;
  5. Thanks for fixing it, I've just created my first pull request.
  6. Hi, I would submit a pull request for one of the gdisp drivers, but I can't do it at the moment for two reasons: The SSL certificate for git.ugfx.io has expired a few days ago, so I can't clone it locally. I tried to create an account on git.ugfx.io, but never received the activation email. I requested to resend it several times, still got nothing. Yes, I checked my spam folder Could somebody fix it, please? Thanks.
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