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  1. I prepared my environment and used uGFX-Studio 0.23 to create my layout, copied the content of the folder "output" to the "project" folder, renamed the gui.c to main.c, started compiling with cygwin and get the message: Compiling main.c In file included from rendering_functions.h:5:0, from main.c:2: resources_manager.h:11:2: error: unknown type name 'gdispImage' gdispImage* gstudioGetImage(int imageIndex); ^ make: *** [../ugfx/tools/gmake_scripts/compiler_gcc.mk:244: .build/obj/main.o] Fehler 1 How can I make the display view my created uGFX-Studio project with my S
  2. Hello everyone, I found thistemplate for the STM32F746G. This works pretty well! Now I want to use uGFX-Studio files on my STM32F7-46Disco Board. I tried more than seven hours to make that uGFX-Studio code work. How can I make that code work for compiling with cygwin?
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