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  1. Thanks for the direction. I read the suggested link many times and changed the code to match this recommendation and still no progress. I know this issue is related to FreeRTOS. I have tried using uGFXMain as well. but no change in behavior. I have a commercial license and I am good to pay for support. Would be appreciative if I could get help with this issue we can get on with the actual development. Thanks.
  2. Good question. I used STMCube to create the framework of this code. It seems likely this is the issue. Investigating, Thanks
  3. I am using the STM32F429i-Eval1 dev kit. Working on a home appliance that has a LCD touch panel embedded. I am using trueStudio 9.0 as the IDE. During gfxInit(), I have traced through the init functions to where gwin_wm.c fun gwinUpdate calls gfxSemInit. In gfxSemInit the call to xSemaphoreCreateCounting gets stuck when limit=1 and val = 1. When limit = 0, the functions executes. Cannot figure out why this is happening. Probably a setting isn't set correctly. Any help is appreciated. My project is attached. STM32F4_freertos.zip
  4. The project is attached to this topic. I believe I have the project setup correctly. Although I'm no expert on all the LCD panel settings. I am using the STM32F429i-Eval1 dev kit. Working on a home appliance that has a LCD touch panel embedded. I am using trueStudio 9.0 as the IDE. I debugged the gdispDrawBox all the way through completion and it seems to executed with no failures. I have GDISP_NEED_AUTOFLUSH = TRUE in gfxconf.h. Any help is appreciated. STM32F4_freertos_compressed.zip
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    thanks... helpful....
  6. We forgot to add in DMA2D option for the STM32F429 Cortex M4 CP. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. Will check those areas.
  8. I have multiple ui elements in a container. How do I arrange them front to back? I see there is a "raise" option, but it doesn't seem to stick if you touch the ui element.
  9. Having a failure in gdispGFillArea() call for displaying default logo. gdispInit() -> vmt->postinit(pd) -> gdispGFillArea(g, x+p[0]*w, y+p[1]*w, p[2]*w, p[3]*w, GDISP_STARTUP_LOGO_COLOR) -> fillArea(g) In gdisp_lld_STM32LTDC.c, function gdisp_lld_fill_area(GDisplay* g), the following while loop never gets resolved. // Wait until DMA2D is ready while(DMA2D->CR & DMA2D_CR_START); DMA2D = ((DMA2D_TypeDef *)((0x40000000U + 0x00020000U) + 0xB000U)) DMA2D_CR_START = (0x1U << (0U)) Any help is appreciated. gfxconf.h
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    Thanks for the quick response. Will use code boxes for future support questions. I did check out and read and followed the Eclipse guide. Found some of these setup parameters in the GTXConf file confusing with no prior background with this tool set.
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    I am extremely new at setting up uGFX for display, touch and UX. I am using trueStudio IDE and have a project using a HAl built from STMCube as a starting point. I have the project building to a point, but not to completion. I am confused on how to integrate LCD panel and touch glass using gfxconf.h and include files. gfxconf.h defs #define GFX_USE_OS_FREERTOS GFXON #define GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE 40960 #define GFX_OS_NO_INIT GFXON #define GFX_USE_GDISP GFXON #define GDISP_NEED_VALIDATION GFXON #define GDISP_NEED_CLIP GFXON #define GDISP_NEED_CIRCLE GFXON #define GDISP_NEED_CONTROL GFXON #define GDISP_NEED_MULTITHREAD GFXON #define GDISP_NEED_TEXT GFXON #define GDISP_INCLUDE_FONT_DEJAVUSANS12 GFXON #define GDISP_TOTAL_DISPLAYS 1 #define GDISP_DRIVER_LIST GDISPVMT_STM32LTDC #define GDISP_PIXELFORMAT GDISP_PIXELFORMAT_RGB888 #define GFX_USE_GWIN GFXON #define GWIN_NEED_WINDOWMANAGER GFXON #define GWIN_NEED_WIDGET GFXON #define GWIN_NEED_BUTTON GFXON #define GFX_USE_GEVENT GFXON #define GFX_USE_GTIMER GFXON #define GFX_USE_GQUEUE GFXON #define GQUEUE_NEED_ASYNC GFXON #define GFX_USE_GINPUT GFXON #define GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE GFXON I have stm32_ltdc.h in my Inc folder I have placed in gfx.mk this include -- include $(GFXLIB)/drivers/gdisp/STM32LTDC/driver.mk I see this build error -- uGFX\src\gfx_mk.o: In function `_gdispInit': C:\Users\fishe\Atollic\TrueSTUDIO\STM32_workspace_9.0\STM32F4\Debug/..\uGFX\src\gdisp/gdisp.c:601: undefined reference to `GDISPVMT_STM32LTDC' uGFX\src\gfx_mk.o: In function `_gmouseInit': C:\Users\fishe\Atollic\TrueSTUDIO\STM32_workspace_9.0\STM32F4\Debug/..\uGFX\src\ginput/ginput_mouse.c:669: undefined reference to `GMOUSEVMT_OnlyOne' I'm in the process of paying for a commercial license and support. Any help u can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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