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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, disabling those options does not fix the issue. When I set GDISP_NEED_PIXMAP to TRUE, I get the same compilation issues. It looks like the conditional compile #ifdefs guarding the linbuf in the struct GDisplay found in gdisp_driver.h at line #376 and around the sx1/sy1 variables in gdisp.c::gdispGStreamColor() at line #796, are creating the issue. Removing the conditional compilation in those two places compiles, but I'm not sure if that's the best approach. Anyone have any advice on the best way to proceed here?
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm not sure that it directly addresses the compilation errors though. In any case, I relocated the GDISP_SCREEN_xxx to the board header and the GDISP_HARDWARE_xxx #defines to the gdisp_lld_config.h. Also, I tried alternately dropping the PIXMAP from the DRIVER_LIST and removing DRIVER_LIST entirely. Unfortunately, the error remains the same. What else would you suggest? Build env: I'm using the ARMGCC toolchain and building against the 2.8 release tag in git. For reference, here's my updated and stripped down gfxconf.h #ifndef _GFXCONF_H #define
  3. TLDR; How do I specify GDISP_HARDWARE_STREAM_WRITE configuration for the RA8875 display, but not the pixmap display? ------------------------------- I have GDISP working with a RA8875 that is connected via SPI. However, I am running into issues trying to enable pixmap support. In particular, I'd like to draw to the pixmap display and then transfer the entire screen for enhanced performance when needed. So, after enabling pixmap support in my gfxconf.h, I get the following errors: ugfx/src/gdisp/gdisp.c: In function 'gdispGStreamColor': ugfx/src/gdisp/gdisp.c:824:6: error:
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