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  1. I used 2048 for the heap size. #define GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE 2048
  2. I'm using Keil compiler. This project is a tryout to run uGFX on FREERTOS + HY-miniSTM32 (STM32F103VC) board. The base is a FREERTOS demo for HY-miniSTM32 board based on Standard Peripheral Lib. I revised the LCD and Touchscreen driver example codes provided in the uGFX package because the Standard Peripheral Lib is used. By following the instructions provided in the document, there is no problem to integrated uGFX to FREERTOS except the issue of deprecated attribute. Four tasks were created, Task1 : toggling LED1 every 200ms Task2: toggleing LED2 every 300ms Task3: read the input keys. If any key is pressed, the task information is sent to serial console Task4: a uGFX button widget. If the button is pressed, the screen rotates 90 degree. This code is leveraged from a STM32F4 uGFX example. Now the whole project is working fine as long as the deprecated attribute changed to no argument as mentioned earlier. Thanks, Josh
  3. The problem is gwinAttachMouse() is called nowhere in my code. The error is complaining the deprecated attribution doesn't take argument while a message is passed as an argument in gwin_widget.c and gwin_widget.h. #if GFX_USE_GINPUT && GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE bool_t DEPRECATED("This call can now be removed. Attaching the mouse to GWIN is now automatic.") gwinAttachMouse(uint16_t instance) { // This is now a NULL event because we automatically attach to all mice in the system. (void) instance; return TRUE; } #endif The compilation passes if I remove the msg from the deprecated attribute in gfx_compilers.h #define DEPRECATED(msg) __attribute__((deprecated(msg))) to #define DEPRECATED(msg) __attribute__((deprecated))
  4. When setting both GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE and GWIN_NEED_WIDGET TRUE, I got this error message: ..\..\ugfx_2.8\src\../src/gwin/gwin_widget.h(340): error: #1204: attribute "deprecated" does not take arguments bool_t DEPRECATED("This call can now be removed. Attaching the mouse to GWIN is now automatic.") gwinAttachMouse(uint16_t instance); How could this happen? Thanks, Josh
  5. After tracing down the code, I found the Width and Height in the GDISP->g has been changed by the function call in _gmouseInitDriver() void gtimerStart(GTimer *pt, GTimerFunction fn, void *param, bool_t periodic, delaytime_t millisec) { gfxMutexEnter(&mutex); // Start our thread if not already going if (!hThread) { hThread = gfxThreadCreate(waTimerThread, GTIMER_THREAD_WORKAREA_SIZE, GTIMER_THREAD_PRIORITY, GTimerThreadHandler, 0); if (hThread) {gfxThreadClose(hThread);} // We never really need the handle again } Especially after gfxThreadCreate. Somehow, the GDISP->g.Width got changed to the value of GTIMER_THREAD_WORKAREA_SIZE which is 2048.
  6. Hello, I'm trying to make uGFX run on bare metal HY-miniSTM32 board(STM32F103VC) + SSD1289 + ADS7843 with Std Peripheral Library. The SSD1289 driver for 320x240 display has been revised to use Std Peripheral Library, and it works fine. Now, I'm working on touchscreen. The ADS7843 driver has been updated to use Std Peripheral Library as well. However, after GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE set TRUE, the screen size returned by function call gdispGetWidth() and gdispGetHeight becomes 3849x2048. It seems touchscreen drivers reset the screen size and it doesn't use the screen size set by SSD1289 driver. Who can please kindly help me on this issue? Thanks, Josh
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