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  1. Good day I'm desperately trying to import the uGFX library into an existing CubeMX project for my STM32F429-Discovery board. I followed the guide but I must've made a mistake somewhere because I end up with errors. The only step I had trouble following was this one: "Note that to run use RAW32 as the OS two functions need to be implemented by the user in order for it to work. Chances are that for popular boards the RAW32 implementation is already present under boards/base. If not a very good example of what you need can be found under boards/base/STM32F439i-EVAL. The startup code found here was generated with STMCube. In this example the initialization is done with the functions found int the _initialize_hardware.c so there is no need for this code. In the example used here these functions are added by copying them into the file called stm32f4xx_raw32_ugfx.c in the srcfolder." I am not sure which functions to copy and I can't find either of the files mentioned. After I followed the guide I get the error: Inc/board_STM32LTDC.h:11:27: fatal error: stm32f4xx_fmc.h: No such file or directory (Also I'm using the board_STM32LTDC.h file in the INC folder. It's the one I should use right?) I can copy this file and others from the /boards/base/STM32F429-Discovery/chibios folder into my INC and SRC folders. Then I get: /Inc/board_STM32LTDC.h:71:21: fatal error: ili9341.h: No such file or directory error. I can include the ILI9341 driver under drivers\gdisp\ILI9341 folder. Then I get a bunch of errors of undeclared functions. First one is: Inc/board_STM32LTDC.h:15:19: error: 'SPID5' undeclared (first use in this function). All originate from the board_STM32LTDC.h file. What did I do wrong? Is it because I used CubeMX? Thank you in advance
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