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  1. Alright, I think, that I found the problem. I have button on coordinates {x:10; y:30} with size {width:100; height:30} When I touch the display where is the button, the driver will reads values {x:173; y:283} and this is a problem. But I have tested, that driver reads true values. When I subtract x value from width and y value from height, I get right values. So the question is, where I should subtract these values? The screen orientation is default btw.
  2. Program get stuck at line 179: pem = (GEventMouse *)geventEventWait(&gl, TIME_INFINITE); When I touch on display, nothing happens.
  3. Hello, I have same problem. Everything is sucessfuly visible, but nothing happen when I push the button.
  4. Hello, I have working basic project with FreeRTOS and uGFX library. Display is finaly showing what I want, but there is a problem. For now, I have one button with a label. When I press the button, then the label should change it's text, but nothing happening. I have done little bit of debugging and find out, that: - my touch driver can recognize, that there is some touch event - also my driver sucessfully read x and y coordinations - after that it continue in input processing in file: ginput_mouse.c On line 300 in that file there is code, that notifies listeners that are interested about touch event. I have registred listener, but nothing happening. At the bottom there is a link to full project, that should be compilable out of box. Im using System Workbench for STM32. Can anyone help me, what I'm doing wrong? Link to project: http://leteckaposta.cz/768971070
  5. OK, thanks for your time. I will try to write something.
  6. OH thanks, that makes sence. Any tip, where to find implementation for my board?
  7. Hello, after hours and hours of project setup I was successful and compile project without error. Unfortunately my display is not showing anything. I created base project in STMCubeMX. In Atolic True studio I setup uGFX library with simple example with one Label. Full project is attached. Can anyone help me find, where is the problem? Thanks template.zip
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