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  1. Alright, I think, that I found the problem. I have button on coordinates {x:10; y:30} with size {width:100; height:30} When I touch the display where is the button, the driver will reads values {x:173; y:283} and this is a problem. But I have tested, that driver reads true values. When I subtract x value from width and y value from height, I get right values. So the question is, where I should subtract these values? The screen orientation is default btw.
  2. Program get stuck at line 179: pem = (GEventMouse *)geventEventWait(&gl, TIME_INFINITE); When I touch on display, nothing happens.
  3. Hello, I have same problem. Everything is sucessfuly visible, but nothing happen when I push the button.
  4. Hello, I have working basic project with FreeRTOS and uGFX library. Display is finaly showing what I want, but there is a problem. For now, I have one button with a label. When I press the button, then the label should change it's text, but nothing happening. I have done little bit of debugging and find out, that: - my touch driver can recognize, that there is some touch event - also my driver sucessfully read x and y coordinations - after that it continue in input processing in file: ginput_mouse.c On line 300 in that file there is code, that notifies listeners that are interested about touch event. I have registred listener, but nothing happening. At the bottom there is a link to full project, that should be compilable out of box. Im using System Workbench for STM32. Can anyone help me, what I'm doing wrong? Link to project: http://leteckaposta.cz/768971070
  5. stechy1

    STM32F429 with FreeRTOS and uGFX

    OK, thanks for your time. I will try to write something.
  6. stechy1

    STM32F429 with FreeRTOS and uGFX

    OH thanks, that makes sence. Any tip, where to find implementation for my board?
  7. Hello, after hours and hours of project setup I was successful and compile project without error. Unfortunately my display is not showing anything. I created base project in STMCubeMX. In Atolic True studio I setup uGFX library with simple example with one Label. Full project is attached. Can anyone help me find, where is the problem? Thanks template.zip