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  1. Hi: Does uGFX have functions similar to messagebox ? When user operation fails, I want to realize the function of prompt box. tks!
  2. I create all the widgets during startup/initialization . ghTabset = gwinTabsetCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_TABSET_BORDER); ghPgSetting = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "tab1", FALSE); ghPgVersion = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "tab2", FALSE); I want to show tab1 only, tab2 hide. but can`t work use follow code. gwinShow(ghPgSetting); gwinHide(ghPgVersion);
  3. tks! I used Menu sample code! when i create new Widget , label can`t display on lcd. if i mask "gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelLcdBlTime, 100, ""); " ,the label can show . GWidgetInit wi; // Apply some default values for GWIN gwinWidgetClearInit(&wi); wi.g.show = TRUE; // Create the IP label wi.g.width = 200; wi.g.height = 20; wi.g.x = 10, wi.g.y = 100; wi.text = ""; ghLabelLcdBlTime = gwinLabelCreate(0, &wi); gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelLcdBlTime, 100, "");
  4. hi: my LCD size is 240x320。 when uGFX power on,I created a Widget with only two buttons。 When a user clicks on different buttons, there will be different Widget (full screen). but,I dont`t know how to create a new Widget with a button click event! tks
  5. Now uGFX-Studio can support jpg ,bmp and png files, but ico file can't be used directly. Is the development of this software planned to join this function? tks
  6. yes! thank you! I add this line and use GEVENT_KEYBOARD event, the program runs normally! "geventAttachSource(&gl, gwinKeyboardGetEventSource(ghKeyboard), GLISTEN_KEYTRANSITIONS|GLISTEN_KEYUP);"
  7. hi: I used virtual keyboard in textedit, I want to get keyboard event use GEVENT_GWIN_KEYBOARD, but this event isn't come. Can you help me ? some code: pe = geventEventWait(&gl, TIME_INFINITE); ..... case GEVENT_GWIN_KEYBOARD: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "KEYSTATE: 0x%04X [ %s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s]",........
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