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  1. Hello Joel, thank you for answering so fast! As you might see I'm still learning about Qt and Embeded etc. I'm actually trying to get Qt running on an ARM Cortex M4. This would be quite easely done with Linux for Embeded as you stated. But my goal is to minimize the load by the OS. Grüsse aus Rapperswil Ambroise
  2. Hello there, I just found this very interesting library and while looking into the source I found the QDisp drivers. As I am quite new to Qt and coding for MicroControllers I'm not entirely sure what is possible with that. To be more specific, I am looking for a way to run Qt on a MC BareMetal. Is this possible with this QDisp-driver? Or do you know of any possibilities of using the uGFX library with Qt? Thank you and best regards Ambroise
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