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  1. Disabling touch during drawing

    guys, I changed my tasks priorities and it seems that my issue is solved! so I won't manipulate anything regarding to that timer. thank you so much for your help
  2. Disabling touch during drawing

    If I want to stop this timer , would that be with gtimerStop? I used gtimerStop before gwinshow functions and tried to start it again in operation case, but I'm pretty sure this is not the correct way to do it, right?
  3. Disabling touch during drawing

    or maybe I should say is there any way I can stop touchscreen from responding during drawing? when the drawing is not over, touch input won't work and won't make any mess.
  4. Disabling touch during drawing

    this is the example of my icons on that screen: I have defined my own custom drawing functions. the screen is a little bit complicated. it read some data and images from 2 different external SPI flashes. When I run the screen on PC I don't see this issue and when I debug it, it stuck somewhere in my dma transmission functions. do definitely it's not a graphic issue. the problem is somewhere in lower level of drivers or maybe tasks priorities. disabling the touch for me was kind of a way to avoid seeing the issue not fixing the issue.
  5. Disabling touch during drawing

    @Joel Bodenmann thank you which part of the code would you like to know about? the screen itself?tasks?
  6. Disabling touch during drawing

    When I touch my of my screen's icons in the middle of drawing, it will get stuck, won't continue drawing and even doesn't work any longer. So I want my touch event not to respond to anything while the drawing is not over. Is that possible?