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  1. Fabien Comte


    Hello, I am close to finish the design of a product for a customer. Is that a problem if i buy Ugxf license myself ? Is that legally ok for my customer ?
  2. Hello, Ugfx is announced to support hardware acceleration but what are supported targets for that ? Is Linux Framebuffer supported ? Thank you.
  3. It works. Thank you for your help.
  4. Fabien Comte


    Hello, I wish to create a Screenshot. How can I access to the actual display buffer to read pixels please ? Thank you.
  5. Hello, Online font converter is broken, could you repair it please ? Thank you.
  6. If you take a simple button, you can see that the text draw is after the retangle draw. I modified some controls to use pixmaps for compositions and display is very clean. I can move controls with no blink effect now Thank you all people for your help.
  7. Ok i found, there was a timer that sometimes was fighting against me. I moved to immediate configuration and i was able to do everything i wanted. Thank you all people for your help.
  8. It works for one page but not the others. How to manage statusbar parent if it's called in multiple pages ?
  9. Could it be because page containers and status bar overlap ?
  10. I tried without any success. Another test ?
  11. A make clean fixed it. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hello, How can i use GWIN_REDRAW_IMMEDIATE and have button pressed render please ?
  13. Ok i found about the lock, my mistake sorry.
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