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  1. I try "ugfx_2.7\demos\modules\gwin\button", the touch with push button on the STM32F746G is OK. I think maybe the problem is on I use "ugfx_studio_0.15_windows" to generate the code and combine build file (makefile, gfxconf.h, main.c...) failed. I will read main.c code carefully. Thank you very much. The attachment is corrected project. p2.7z
  2. [QQ]Why my push button not work on STM32F746G-Disco I compile completed with arm gcc, and burn to target board. The graphic on screen is correct, one button. But I can not touch the push button. Is there any example project with GWIN ? I try hex file in "STM32F7-Disco", the button on the screen is freeze, too. If the code is OK, I will open my demo project source code to uGFX official web.
  3. Hi, I unzip again and open studio is correct now. May your company consider sell uGFX-Studio ver 0.15 source code to us ? Our company want to develop the RAD tool combine communication develop for a long term project. Maybe we can develop all thing combine uGFX engine by ourself. But I need to make a fast prototype to show for general manager that a man stupid for tech.
  4. Hi, if uGFX-Studio can get the source code ? and QQ I can't run uGFX-Studio 0.15 on win7-x64 ....
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