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  1. it seems i have problem in “ RAM(g)[xyaddr(x, y)] &= ~xybit(y) ; ” because when I use keil bebug and running at this code,the mcu will goto“ void HardFault_Handler(void)” but I think the really problem is “ g->priv = gfxAlloc() ” yes that function. my configuration are : //#define GFX_USE_OS_WIN32 FALSE //#define GFX_USE_OS_LINUX FALSE //#define GFX_USE_OS_OSX FALSE //#define GFX_USE_OS_ECOS FALSE //#define GFX_USE_OS_RAWRTOS
  2. It seems be stuck at the _gdispInit(); function.
  3. Hardware : NUCLEO-F302R8 library: STM32-CUBEMX, uGFX 2.7 compiler:KEIL MDK 5.2 I try to interated to my board,it can pass compile, when I use oled own dirver,it can work, but the ugfx do not work, i think i have something wrong in the configuration.any boby help? thx uGFX_OLED.zip
  4. oh,I make the mistake that I use the old version.then I trying the latest library. thanks Joel
  5. I use keil MDK 5.23 to build the project and my board is STM32F429 DISC. I can build the demo successfully ,but when I try to make a "hello word " case ,I use uGFX-Studio to generate the code,and copy to my project,unfortunately I met the error "..\widgetstyles.h(30): error: #146: too many initializer values",why ?how can i work out?
  6. I see,thank you! Now I'm trying to use it
  7. I'm new of uGFX,I have uGFX working in my STM32F429 DISCOVERY , and I want to use the uGFX-Studio to do something ?Are there some documents to help me learn to use it? thx
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