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  1. I did something similar. I don't use the toggle driver, i poll the button status in a thread and if a button is pressed i call this function: void changeDisp(uint8_t disp){ switch (disp){ case 1: gwinTabsetSetTab(ghGraphTab); gwinGraphDrawAxis(ghGraph); break; case 2: gwinTabsetSetTab(ghConsoleTab); break; case 3: gwinTabsetSetTab(ghFFTTab); break; } } I looks like this:
  2. static const gcontainerVMT tabsetVMT = { { { "Tabset", // The classname sizeof(GTabsetObject), // The object size _gcontainerDestroy, // The destroy routine _gcontainerRedraw, // The redraw routine 0, // The after-clear routine }, gwinTabsetDraw_Std, // The default drawing routine #if GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE { mouseDown, // Process mouse down event 0, // Process mouse up events 0, // Process mouse move events }, #endif #if GINPUT_NEED_TOGGLE { 0, // 1 toggle role 0, // Assign Toggles 0, // Get Toggles 0, // Process toggle off events 0, // Process toggle on events }, #endif #if GINPUT_NEED_DIAL { 0, // 1 dial roles 0, // Assign Dials 0, // Get Dials 0, // Process dial move events }, #endif }, TabSetBorderSize, // The size of the left border (mandatory) TabSetBorderTop, // The size of the top border (mandatory) TabSetBorderSize, // The size of the right border (mandatory) TabSetBorderSize, // The size of the bottom border (mandatory) 0, // A child has been added (optional) 0, // A child has been deleted (optional) }; Doesn't look like it. I just want to get the next tab to the right for one press of a button. This cant be that hard. I guess i would start with copying the mouseDown function and make a buttonDown function whre i just activate the next window. Problem is i don't know where to put it in the VMT struct (1 toggle roles, Assign Toggles, Get Toggles,....). Any help is appreciated. BTW. I am developing a Inductance Tester now with a STM32F103 and a 3.2" LCD. Features: Tests Power Inductors until saturation Measures Current and Voltage at Inductor Plots data on screen with pen one can point to the maximum allowed current and gets inductance calculated The display is more or less functional. When it's done i will share the code.
  3. Also a side question: what should i attach to the toggle to change tabs in a tabset? Referring to the widget deno i posted above i tried: gwinAttachToggle(ghButton2, 0, 0); Works fine and activates Button2 on page Buttons. gwinAttachToggle(ghPgCheckboxes, 0, 0); Does nothing gwinAttachToggle(ghTabset, 0, 0);Does nothing gwinAttachToggle(ghTabCheckboxest, 0, 0); Error because GWIN_NEED_TABSET is TRUE ???? I now from other posts that i can attach the toggle to only one button but i can detach it and reattach it to some other button. For now i just want to switch to a different tab. Thank you.
  4. The demo runs fine without ginput_need_toggle . I figured out a solution by replacing the calls in ginput_lld_toggle_Pal.c #include "gfx.h" #if (GFX_USE_GINPUT && GINPUT_NEED_TOGGLE) /*|| defined(__DOXYGEN__)*/ #include "../../../../src/ginput/ginput_driver_toggle.h" GINPUT_TOGGLE_DECLARE_STRUCTURE(); void ginput_lld_toggle_init(const GToggleConfig *ptc) { //palSetGroupMode(((IOBus *)ptc->id)->portid, ptc->mask, 0, ptc->mode); palSetPadMode(GPIOA, 0, PAL_MODE_INPUT); } unsigned ginput_lld_toggle_getbits(const GToggleConfig *ptc) { //return palReadBus((IOBus *)ptc->id); return palReadPad(GPIOA, 0); } #endif /* GFX_USE_GINPUT && GINPUT_NEED_TOGGLE */ This works fine. When i chane it back to original and replace the board file with the template i get errors (AT91C_BASE_PIOA and PIOA_B1_MASK undeclared which is not surprising. So not portable!
  5. I am sorry to bother you again but i have troubles with the toggle driver. I need an example for chibios and preferably stm32f429 Discovery. My button is on Porta Pad 0 (standard discovery f429). I modified the gwin-widgets example to try the driver but so far no luck. Software just freezes after touch calibration. This is my ginput_lld_toggle_board.h: #define GINPUT_TOGGLE_NUM_PORTS 1 // The total number of toggle inputs #define GINPUT_TOGGLE_CONFIG_ENTRIES 1 // The total number of GToggleConfig entries #define GINPUT_TOGGLE_SW1 0 // Switch 1 #define GINPUT_TOGGLE_DECLARE_STRUCTURE() \ const GToggleConfig GInputToggleConfigTable[GINPUT_TOGGLE_CONFIG_ENTRIES] = { \ {GPIOA, /* Switch 1 and Switch 2 */ \ GINPUT_TOGGLE_SW1, \ 0, \ PAL_MODE_INPUT}, \ } and this is my code: /* * Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, Joel Bodenmann aka Tectu <joel@unormal.org> * Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, Andrew Hannam aka inmarket * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: * * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. * * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the * documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. * * Neither the name of the <organization> nor the * names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products * derived from this software without specific prior written permission. * * THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND * ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED * WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE * DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL <COPYRIGHT HOLDER> BE LIABLE FOR ANY * DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES * (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; * LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND * ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT * (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS * SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. */ #include "gfx.h" /** * This demo demonstrates many of the GWIN widgets. * On the "Radio" tab try playing with the color radio buttons. * On the "Checkbox" tab try playing with the "Disable All" checkbox. */ /** * The image files must be stored on a GFILE file-system. * Use either GFILE_NEED_NATIVEFS or GFILE_NEED_ROMFS (or both). * * The ROMFS uses the file "romfs_files.h" to describe the set of files in the ROMFS. */ /** * The code can either use the Tabset control or use Radio buttons set to the Tab style. * Change this in your gfxconf.h file by defining GWIN_NEED_TABSET (or not). It is * defined by default in this demo. */ /* Our custom yellow style */ static const GWidgetStyle YellowWidgetStyle = { Yellow, // window background HTML2COLOR(0x800000), // focus // enabled color set { HTML2COLOR(0x0000FF), // text HTML2COLOR(0x404040), // edge HTML2COLOR(0xE0E0E0), // fill HTML2COLOR(0x00E000) // progress - active area }, // disabled color set { HTML2COLOR(0xC0C0C0), // text HTML2COLOR(0x808080), // edge HTML2COLOR(0xE0E0E0), // fill HTML2COLOR(0xC0E0C0) // progress - active area }, // pressed color set { HTML2COLOR(0xFF00FF), // text HTML2COLOR(0x404040), // edge HTML2COLOR(0x808080), // fill HTML2COLOR(0x00E000), // progress - active area } }; /* The variables we need */ static font_t font; static GListener gl; static GHandle ghConsole; static GTimer FlashTimer; #if GWIN_NEED_TABSET static GHandle ghTabset; #else static GHandle ghTabButtons, ghTabSliders, ghTabCheckboxes, ghTabLabels, ghTabRadios, ghTabLists, ghTabImages, ghTabProgressbar; #endif static GHandle ghPgButtons, ghPgSliders, ghPgCheckboxes, ghPgLabels, ghPgRadios, ghPgLists, ghPgImages, ghPgProgressbars; static GHandle ghButton1, ghButton2, ghButton3, ghButton4; static GHandle ghSlider1, ghSlider2, ghSlider3, ghSlider4; static GHandle ghCheckbox1, ghCheckbox2, ghCheckbox3, ghCheckDisableAll; static GHandle ghLabelSlider1, ghLabelSlider2, ghLabelSlider3, ghLabelSlider4, ghLabelRadio1; static GHandle ghRadio1, ghRadio2; static GHandle ghRadioBlack, ghRadioWhite, ghRadioYellow; static GHandle ghList1, ghList2, ghList3, ghList4; static GHandle ghImage1; static GHandle ghProgressbar1; static gdispImage imgYesNo; /* Some useful macros */ #define ScrWidth gdispGetWidth() #define ScrHeight gdispGetHeight() #define BUTTON_PADDING 20 #define TAB_HEIGHT 30 #define LABEL_HEIGHT 15 #define BUTTON_WIDTH 50 #define BUTTON_HEIGHT 30 #define LIST_WIDTH 75 #define LIST_HEIGHT 80 #define SLIDER_WIDTH 20 #define CHECKBOX_WIDTH 80 #define CHECKBOX_HEIGHT 20 #define RADIO_WIDTH 50 #define RADIO_HEIGHT 20 #define COLOR_WIDTH 80 #define DISABLEALL_WIDTH 100 #define GROUP_TABS 0 #define GROUP_YESNO 1 #define GROUP_COLORS 2 #if !GWIN_NEED_TABSET // Wrap tabs onto the next line if they don't fit. static void settabtext(GWidgetInit *pwi, char *txt) { if (pwi->g.x >= ScrWidth) { pwi->g.x = 0; pwi->g.y += pwi->g.height; } pwi->text = txt; pwi->g.width = gdispGetStringWidth(pwi->text, font) + BUTTON_PADDING; if (pwi->g.x + pwi->g.width > ScrWidth) { pwi->g.x = 0; pwi->g.y += pwi->g.height; } } /** * Set the visibility of widgets based on which tab is selected. */ static void setTab(GHandle tab) { /* Make sure everything is invisible first */ gwinHide(ghPgButtons); gwinHide(ghPgSliders); gwinHide(ghPgCheckboxes); gwinHide(ghPgLabels); gwinHide(ghPgRadios); gwinHide(ghPgLists); gwinHide(ghPgImages); gwinHide(ghPgProgressbars); /* Turn on widgets depending on the tab selected */ if (tab == ghTabButtons) gwinShow(ghPgButtons); else if (tab == ghTabSliders) gwinShow(ghPgSliders); else if (tab == ghTabCheckboxes) gwinShow(ghPgCheckboxes); else if (tab == ghTabLabels) gwinShow(ghPgLabels); else if (tab == ghTabRadios) gwinShow(ghPgRadios); else if (tab == ghTabLists) gwinShow(ghPgLists); else if (tab == ghTabImages) gwinShow(ghPgImages); else if (tab == ghTabProgressbar) gwinShow(ghPgProgressbars); } #endif // Wrap buttons onto the next line if they don't fit. static void setbtntext(GWidgetInit *pwi, coord_t maxwidth, char *txt) { if (pwi->g.x >= maxwidth) { pwi->g.x = 5; pwi->g.y += pwi->g.height+1; } pwi->text = txt; pwi->g.width = gdispGetStringWidth(pwi->text, font) + BUTTON_PADDING; if (pwi->g.x + pwi->g.width > maxwidth) { pwi->g.x = 5; pwi->g.y += pwi->g.height+1; } } /** * Create all the widgets. * With the exception of the Pages they are all initially visible. * * This routine is complicated by the fact that we want a dynamic * layout so it looks good on small and large displays. * It is tested to work on 320x272 as a minimum LCD size. */ static void createWidgets(void) { GWidgetInit wi; coord_t border, pagewidth; gwinWidgetClearInit(&wi); // Calculate page borders based on screen size border = ScrWidth < 450 ? 1 : 5; // Create the Tabs #if GWIN_NEED_TABSET wi.g.show = TRUE; wi.g.x = border; wi.g.y = 0; wi.g.width = ScrWidth - 2*border; wi.g.height = ScrHeight-wi.g.y-border; ghTabset = gwinTabsetCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_TABSET_BORDER); ghPgButtons = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Buttons", FALSE); ghPgSliders = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Sliders", FALSE); ghPgCheckboxes = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Checkbox", FALSE); ghPgRadios = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Radios", FALSE); ghPgLists = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Lists", FALSE); ghPgLabels = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Labels", FALSE); ghPgImages = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Images", FALSE); ghPgProgressbars = gwinTabsetAddTab(ghTabset, "Progressbar", FALSE); pagewidth = gwinGetInnerWidth(ghTabset)/2; // Console - we apply some special colors before making it visible // We put the console on the tabset itself rather than a tab-page. // This makes it appear on every page :) wi.g.parent = ghTabset; wi.g.x = pagewidth; wi.g.width = pagewidth; ghConsole = gwinConsoleCreate(0, &wi.g); gwinSetColor(ghConsole, Black); gwinSetBgColor(ghConsole, HTML2COLOR(0xF0F0F0)); #else wi.g.show = TRUE; wi.customDraw = gwinRadioDraw_Tab; wi.g.height = TAB_HEIGHT; wi.g.y = 0; wi.g.x = 0; setbtntext(&wi, ScrWidth, "Buttons"); ghTabButtons = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Sliders"); ghTabSliders = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Checkbox"); ghTabCheckboxes = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Radios"); ghTabRadios = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Lists"); ghTabLists = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Labels"); ghTabLabels = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Images"); ghTabImages = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; settabtext(&wi, "Progressbar"); ghTabProgressbar = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_TABS); wi.g.y += wi.g.height; wi.customDraw = 0; // Create the Pages wi.g.show = FALSE; wi.g.x = border; wi.g.y += border; wi.g.width = ScrWidth/2 - border; wi.g.height = ScrHeight-wi.g.y-border; ghPgButtons = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgSliders = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgCheckboxes = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgRadios = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgLists = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgLabels = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgImages = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); ghPgProgressbars = gwinContainerCreate(0, &wi, GWIN_CONTAINER_BORDER); wi.g.show = TRUE; // Console - we apply some special colors before making it visible wi.g.x = ScrWidth/2+border; wi.g.width = ScrWidth/2 - 2*border; ghConsole = gwinConsoleCreate(0, &wi.g); gwinSetColor(ghConsole, Black); gwinSetBgColor(ghConsole, HTML2COLOR(0xF0F0F0)); pagewidth = gwinGetInnerWidth(ghPgButtons); #endif // Buttons wi.g.parent = ghPgButtons; wi.g.width = BUTTON_WIDTH; wi.g.height = BUTTON_HEIGHT; wi.g.y = 5; wi.g.x = 5; setbtntext(&wi, pagewidth, "Button 1"); ghButton1 = gwinButtonCreate(0, &wi); wi.g.x += wi.g.width+3; setbtntext(&wi, pagewidth, "Button 2"); ghButton2 = gwinButtonCreate(0, &wi); wi.g.x += wi.g.width+3; setbtntext(&wi, pagewidth, "Button 3"); ghButton3 = gwinButtonCreate(0, &wi); wi.g.x += wi.g.width+3; setbtntext(&wi, pagewidth, "Button 4"); ghButton4 = gwinButtonCreate(0, &wi); // Horizontal Sliders wi.g.parent = ghPgSliders; wi.g.width = pagewidth - 10; wi.g.height = SLIDER_WIDTH; wi.g.x = 5; wi.g.y = 5; wi.text = "S1"; ghSlider1 = gwinSliderCreate(0, &wi); gwinSliderSetPosition(ghSlider1, 33); wi.g.y += wi.g.height + 1; wi.text = "S2"; ghSlider2 = gwinSliderCreate(0, &wi); gwinSliderSetPosition(ghSlider2, 86); // Vertical Sliders wi.g.y += wi.g.height + 5; wi.g.width = SLIDER_WIDTH; wi.g.height = gwinGetInnerHeight(ghPgSliders) - 5 - wi.g.y; wi.g.x = 5; wi.text = "S3"; ghSlider3 = gwinSliderCreate(0, &wi); gwinSliderSetPosition(ghSlider3, 13); wi.g.x += wi.g.width+1; wi.text = "S4"; ghSlider4 = gwinSliderCreate(0, &wi); gwinSliderSetPosition(ghSlider4, 76); // Checkboxes - for the 2nd and 3rd checkbox we apply special drawing before making it visible wi.g.parent = ghPgCheckboxes; wi.g.width = CHECKBOX_WIDTH; wi.g.height = CHECKBOX_HEIGHT; wi.g.x = 5; wi.g.y = 5; wi.text = "C1"; ghCheckbox1 = gwinCheckboxCreate(0, &wi); wi.customDraw = gwinCheckboxDraw_CheckOnRight; wi.g.y += wi.g.height+1; wi.text = "C2"; ghCheckbox2 = gwinCheckboxCreate(0, &wi); wi.customDraw = gwinCheckboxDraw_Button; wi.g.y += wi.g.height+1; wi.text = "C3"; wi.g.width = BUTTON_WIDTH; wi.g.height = BUTTON_HEIGHT; ghCheckbox3 = gwinCheckboxCreate(0, &wi); wi.g.y += wi.g.height+1; wi.text = "Disable All"; wi.customDraw = 0; wi.g.width = DISABLEALL_WIDTH; wi.g.height = CHECKBOX_HEIGHT; ghCheckDisableAll = gwinCheckboxCreate(0, &wi); // Labels wi.g.parent = ghPgLabels; wi.g.width = pagewidth-10; wi.g.height = LABEL_HEIGHT; wi.g.x = wi.g.y = 5; wi.text = "N/A"; ghLabelSlider1 = gwinLabelCreate(0, &wi); gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelSlider1, 100, "Slider 1:"); wi.g.y += LABEL_HEIGHT + 2; ghLabelSlider2 = gwinLabelCreate(0, &wi); gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelSlider2, 100, "Slider 2:"); wi.g.y += LABEL_HEIGHT + 2; ghLabelSlider3 = gwinLabelCreate(0, &wi); gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelSlider3, 100, "Slider 3:"); wi.g.y += LABEL_HEIGHT + 2; ghLabelSlider4 = gwinLabelCreate(0, &wi); gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelSlider4, 100, "Slider 4:"); wi.g.y += LABEL_HEIGHT + 2; ghLabelRadio1 = gwinLabelCreate(0, &wi); gwinLabelSetAttribute(ghLabelRadio1, 100, "RadioButton 1:"); // Radio Buttons wi.g.parent = ghPgRadios; wi.g.width = RADIO_WIDTH; wi.g.height = RADIO_HEIGHT; wi.g.y = 5; wi.g.x = 5; wi.text = "Yes"; ghRadio1 = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_YESNO); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; wi.text = "No"; if (wi.g.x + wi.g.width > pagewidth) { wi.g.x = 5; wi.g.y += RADIO_HEIGHT; } ghRadio2 = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_YESNO); gwinRadioPress(ghRadio1); wi.g.width = COLOR_WIDTH; wi.g.y += RADIO_HEIGHT+5; wi.g.x = 5; wi.text = "Black"; ghRadioBlack = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_COLORS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; wi.text = "White"; if (wi.g.x + wi.g.width > pagewidth) { wi.g.x = 5; wi.g.y += RADIO_HEIGHT; } ghRadioWhite = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_COLORS); wi.g.x += wi.g.width; wi.text = "Yellow"; if (wi.g.x + wi.g.width > pagewidth) { wi.g.x = 5; wi.g.y += RADIO_HEIGHT; } ghRadioYellow = gwinRadioCreate(0, &wi, GROUP_COLORS); gwinRadioPress(ghRadioWhite); // Lists border = pagewidth < 10+2*LIST_WIDTH ? 2 : 5; wi.g.parent = ghPgLists; wi.g.width = LIST_WIDTH; wi.g.height = LIST_HEIGHT; wi.g.y = border; wi.g.x = border; wi.text = "L1"; ghList1 = gwinListCreate(0, &wi, FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 0", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 1", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 2", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 3", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 4", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 5", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 6", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 7", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 8", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 9", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 10", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 11", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 12", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList1, "Item 13", FALSE); wi.text = "L2"; wi.g.x += LIST_WIDTH+border; if (wi.g.x + LIST_WIDTH > pagewidth) { wi.g.x = border; wi.g.y += LIST_HEIGHT+border; } ghList2 = gwinListCreate(0, &wi, TRUE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 0", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 1", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 2", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 3", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 4", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 5", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 6", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 7", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 8", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 9", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 10", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 11", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 12", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList2, "Item 13", FALSE); wi.text = "L3"; wi.g.x += LIST_WIDTH+border; if (wi.g.x + LIST_WIDTH > pagewidth) { wi.g.x = border; wi.g.y += LIST_HEIGHT+border; } ghList3 = gwinListCreate(0, &wi, TRUE); gwinListAddItem(ghList3, "Item 0", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList3, "Item 1", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList3, "Item 2", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList3, "Item 3", FALSE); gdispImageOpenFile(&imgYesNo, "image_yesno.gif"); gwinListItemSetImage(ghList3, 1, &imgYesNo); gwinListItemSetImage(ghList3, 3, &imgYesNo); wi.text = "L4"; wi.g.x += LIST_WIDTH+border; if (wi.g.x + LIST_WIDTH > pagewidth) { wi.g.x = border; wi.g.y += LIST_HEIGHT+border; } ghList4 = gwinListCreate(0, &wi, TRUE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 0", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 1", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 2", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 3", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 4", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 5", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 6", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 7", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 8", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 9", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 10", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 11", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 12", FALSE); gwinListAddItem(ghList4, "Item 13", FALSE); gwinListSetScroll(ghList4, scrollSmooth); // Image wi.g.parent = ghPgImages; wi.g.x = wi.g.y = 0; wi.g.width = pagewidth; wi.g.height = gwinGetInnerHeight(ghPgImages); ghImage1 = gwinImageCreate(0, &wi.g); gwinImageOpenFile(ghImage1, "romfs_img_ugfx.gif"); // Progressbar wi.g.parent = ghPgProgressbars; wi.g.width = pagewidth-10; wi.g.height = SLIDER_WIDTH; wi.g.y = 5; wi.g.x = 5; wi.text = "Progressbar 1"; ghProgressbar1 = gwinProgressbarCreate(0, &wi); gwinProgressbarSetResolution(ghProgressbar1, 10); } /** * Set the value of the labels */ static void setLabels(void) { char tmp[20]; // The sliders snprintg(tmp, sizeof(tmp), "%d%%", gwinSliderGetPosition(ghSlider1)); gwinSetText(ghLabelSlider1, tmp, TRUE); snprintg(tmp, sizeof(tmp), "%d%%", gwinSliderGetPosition(ghSlider2)); gwinSetText(ghLabelSlider2, tmp, TRUE); snprintg(tmp, sizeof(tmp), "%d%%", gwinSliderGetPosition(ghSlider3)); gwinSetText(ghLabelSlider3, tmp, TRUE); snprintg(tmp, sizeof(tmp), "%d%%", gwinSliderGetPosition(ghSlider4)); gwinSetText(ghLabelSlider4, tmp, TRUE); // The radio buttons if (gwinRadioIsPressed(ghRadio1)) gwinSetText(ghLabelRadio1, "Yes", TRUE); else if (gwinRadioIsPressed(ghRadio2)) gwinSetText(ghLabelRadio1, "No", TRUE); } /** * Control the progress bar auto-increment */ static void setProgressbar(bool_t onoff) { if (onoff) gwinProgressbarStart(ghProgressbar1, 500); else { gwinProgressbarStop(ghProgressbar1); // Stop the progress bar gwinProgressbarReset(ghProgressbar1); } } /** * Set the enabled state of every widget (except the tabs etc) */ static void setEnabled(bool_t ena) { gwinSetEnabled(ghPgButtons, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghPgSliders, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghPgLabels, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghPgRadios, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghPgLists, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghPgImages, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghPgProgressbars, ena); // Checkboxes we need to do individually so we don't disable the checkbox to re-enable everything gwinSetEnabled(ghCheckbox1, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghCheckbox2, ena); gwinSetEnabled(ghCheckbox3, ena); //gwinSetEnabled(ghCheckDisableAll, TRUE); } static void FlashOffFn(void *param) { (void) param; gwinNoFlash(ghCheckbox3); } int main(void) { GEvent * pe; // Initialize the display gfxInit(); // Set the widget defaults font = gdispOpenFont("*"); // Get the first defined font. gwinSetDefaultFont(font); gwinSetDefaultStyle(&WhiteWidgetStyle, FALSE); gdispClear(White); // Create the gwin windows/widgets createWidgets(); // Assign toggles and dials to specific buttons & sliders etc. #if GINPUT_NEED_TOGGLE gwinAttachToggle(ghButton1, 0, 0); //gwinAttachToggle(ghButton2, 0, 1); #endif #if GINPUT_NEED_DIAL gwinAttachDial(ghSlider1, 0, 0); gwinAttachDial(ghSlider3, 0, 1); #endif // Make the console visible gwinShow(ghConsole); gwinClear(ghConsole); // We want to listen for widget events geventListenerInit(&gl); gwinAttachListener(&gl); gtimerInit(&FlashTimer); #if !GWIN_NEED_TABSET // Press the Tab we want visible gwinRadioPress(ghTabButtons); #endif while(1) { // Get an Event pe = geventEventWait(&gl, TIME_INFINITE); switch(pe->type) { case GEVENT_GWIN_BUTTON: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "Button %s\n", gwinGetText(((GEventGWinButton *)pe)->gwin)); break; case GEVENT_GWIN_SLIDER: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "Slider %s=%d\n", gwinGetText(((GEventGWinSlider *)pe)->gwin), ((GEventGWinSlider *)pe)->position); break; case GEVENT_GWIN_CHECKBOX: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "Checkbox %s=%s\n", gwinGetText(((GEventGWinCheckbox *)pe)->gwin), ((GEventGWinCheckbox *)pe)->isChecked ? "Checked" : "UnChecked"); // If it is the Disable All checkbox then do that. if (((GEventGWinCheckbox *)pe)->gwin == ghCheckDisableAll) { gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "%s All\n", ((GEventGWinCheckbox *)pe)->isChecked ? "Disable" : "Enable"); setEnabled(!((GEventGWinCheckbox *)pe)->isChecked); // If it is the toggle button checkbox start the flash. } else if (((GEventGWinCheckbox *)pe)->gwin == ghCheckbox3) { gwinFlash(ghCheckbox3); gtimerStart(&FlashTimer, FlashOffFn, 0, FALSE, 3000); } break; case GEVENT_GWIN_LIST: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "List %s Item %d %s\n", gwinGetText(((GEventGWinList *)pe)->gwin), ((GEventGWinList *)pe)->item, gwinListItemIsSelected(((GEventGWinList *)pe)->gwin, ((GEventGWinList *)pe)->item) ? "Selected" : "Unselected"); break; case GEVENT_GWIN_RADIO: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "Radio Group %u=%s\n", ((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->group, gwinGetText(((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->gwin)); switch(((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->group) { #if !GWIN_NEED_TABSET case GROUP_TABS: // Set control visibility depending on the tab selected setTab(((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->gwin); // We show the state of some of the GUI elements here setProgressbar(((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->gwin == ghTabProgressbar); if (((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->gwin == ghTabLabels) setLabels(); break; #endif case GROUP_COLORS: { const GWidgetStyle *pstyle; gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "Change Color Scheme\n"); if (((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->gwin == ghRadioYellow) pstyle = &YellowWidgetStyle; else if (((GEventGWinRadio *)pe)->gwin == ghRadioBlack) pstyle = &BlackWidgetStyle; else pstyle = &WhiteWidgetStyle; // Clear the screen to the new color gdispClear(pstyle->background); // Update the style on all controls gwinSetDefaultStyle(pstyle, TRUE); } break; } break; #if GWIN_NEED_TABSET case GEVENT_GWIN_TABSET: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "TabPage %u (%s)\n", ((GEventGWinTabset *)pe)->nPage, gwinTabsetGetTitle(((GEventGWinTabset *)pe)->ghPage)); // We show the state of some of the GUI elements here setProgressbar(((GEventGWinTabset *)pe)->ghPage == ghPgProgressbars); if (((GEventGWinTabset *)pe)->ghPage == ghPgLabels) setLabels(); break; #endif default: gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "Unknown %d\n", pe->type); break; } } return 0; } the only thing i changed was this: //gwinAttachToggle(ghButton2, 0, 1); commented out because i have only one button. I also activated #define GINPUT_NEED_TOGGLE to TRUE. It is impossible to get a working example for a board file the one in the board dir is for an atmel SAM7 (which is also the template). Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. Ok. The redraw feature is certanly nice. For now i came up with this: Setup: GHandle gh; uint16_t i; font_t font1; gfxInit(); font1 = gdispOpenFont("UI2"); gwinSetDefaultFont(font1); // Create the graph window { GWindowInit wi; wi.show = TRUE; wi.x = wi.y = 0; wi.width = gdispGetWidth(); wi.height = gdispGetHeight()/2; gh = gwinGraphCreate(0, &wi); } gdispClear(Black); // Set the graph origin and style gwinGraphSetOrigin(gh, 0, gwinGetHeight(gh)/2); gwinGraphSetStyle(gh, &GraphStyle1); gwinGraphDrawAxis(gh); for(i = 0; i < gwinGetWidth(gh); i++) { gwinGraphDrawPoint(gh, i, data[i]*0.85); } { GWindowInit wi; gwinClearInit(&wi); wi.show = TRUE; wi.y = (gdispGetHeight()/2) + 40; wi.x = 0; wi.width = gdispGetWidth(); wi.height = (gdispGetHeight()/2) -40; ghConsole = gwinConsoleCreate(0, &wi); } gwinSetColor(ghConsole, Green); gwinSetBgColor(ghConsole, White); gwinClear(ghConsole); ginputGetMouse(0); In a while(1) loop: ginputGetMouseStatus(0, &ev); if(DRAW_AREA(ev.x, ev.y) && ((ev.buttons & GINPUT_MOUSE_BTN_LEFT))){ gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "X: %u, Y: %u SIN: %d\n", ev.x, ev.y, data[ev.x]); } DRAW_AREA is the size of my graph window, data[] is my array of sine points. But i will look again at the touch_driver_test and also how to make a widget from a window. But for now this all sound really overwhelming. Then again when you get the hang of it uGFX rocks!
  7. I have a project where i draw a graph from a coil current (which is non linear) and want to point to a position with a touch panel and get the graph point (x,y) back to make some calculations. I already have display, graph, slider, touchpad,... working with the help of the samples. What would be the way to go? Is there an output from the graph window i can use or do i have to write something new? Thank you.
  8. I am sorry i had a thread running and that screwed up the slider (the input from the touchpad was not doing anything). Can you point me to a documentation where the correct thread usage is? Thanks.
  9. I am compiling some samples with uGFX2.8, ChibiStudio and ChibiOS 17.6, gcc6.3 (latest Version of ChibiStudio). I started out with the Disco 429 sample and went through the demos in the demo dir of ugfx. Everything worked (gdisp: basic, pixmap, streaming, gwin: basic, button, checkbox, console, frame, graph, imagebox, label) but the slider demo wasn't working - the sliders where shown but no action on the sliders. After a while i found out that the sliders started working if i add one line from the Disco-429 project: gdispImageOpenFile(&img1, "smiley.png"); which is IMO weird because i don't need that image anywhere.
  10. #ifndef _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H #define _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H #include "gdisp_lld_config.h" // Pin & SPI setup #define SPI_DRIVER (&SPID1) #define SPI_PORT GPIOA #define SCK_PAD 5 //PA5 #define MISO_PAD 6 //PA6 #define MOSI_PAD 7 //PA7 #define CS_PORT GPIOA #define RESET_PORT GPIOA #define DC_PORT GPIOA #define CS_PAD 4 // PA4 -- 0 = chip selected #define RESET_PAD 1 // PA1 -- 0 = reset #define DC_PAD 0 // PA0 -- control=0, data=1 -- DNC or D/C static SPIConfig spi_cfg_8 = { //Config for 8bits NULL, CS_PORT, CS_PAD, SPI_CR1_BR_1 //| SPI_CR1_BR_2) }; static SPIConfig spi_cfg_16 = { //Config for 16bits NULL, CS_PORT, CS_PAD, (SPI_CR1_DFF | SPI_CR1_BR_1)//| SPI_CR1_BR_2) }; #define SET_SPI_16bit {spiStop(SPI_DRIVER); spiStart(SPI_DRIVER, &spi_cfg_16);} #define SET_SPI_8bit {spiStop(SPI_DRIVER); spiStart(SPI_DRIVER, &spi_cfg_8);} /* PWM Setup for Backlight*/ #if ST7735_NEED_BACKLIGHT #warning "Dont forget to turn on PWM in mcuconf.h and in halconf.h" static PWMConfig pwmcfg = { 100000U, /* PWM clock frequency in Hz. (100kHz) depending on SYSCLK, HCLK, PCLK1 or PCLK2 and prescaler*/ 100, /* Initial PWM period in Ticks. Auto Reload Register (ARR) 1Tick = 10ns, Overflow16=655.36us 100 means 100Tics per Periode -> 1kHz PWM Frequency */ NULL, /* Callback */ { {PWM_OUTPUT_DISABLED, NULL}, {PWM_OUTPUT_DISABLED, NULL}, {PWM_OUTPUT_ACTIVE_HIGH, NULL}, {PWM_OUTPUT_DISABLED, NULL} }, 0, //CR 0 //DIER }; #endif /* Define one of these! */ #define GREENTAB TRUE //#define REDTAB TRUE //#define BLACKTAB TRUE static GFXINLINE void write_cmd(GDisplay* g, uint16_t cmd); //------------ST7735_InvertDisplay------------ // Send the command to invert all of the colors. // Requires 1 byte of transmission // Input: i 0 to disable inversion; non-zero to enable inversion // Output: none static GFXINLINE void set_backlight(GDisplay* g, int bl){ (void)g; #if ST7735_NEED_BACKLIGHT pwmEnableChannel(&PWMD2, 2, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD2, bl*100)); #endif } static GFXINLINE void init_board(GDisplay* g) { (void)g; g->board = 0; // Set pin modes palSetPadMode(SPI_PORT, SCK_PAD, PAL_MODE_ALTERNATE(5) | PAL_STM32_OSPEED_HIGHEST); palSetPadMode(SPI_PORT, MOSI_PAD, PAL_MODE_ALTERNATE(5) | PAL_STM32_OSPEED_HIGHEST); palSetPadMode(RESET_PORT, RESET_PAD, PAL_MODE_OUTPUT_PUSHPULL | PAL_STM32_OSPEED_HIGHEST); palSetPadMode(CS_PORT, CS_PAD, PAL_MODE_OUTPUT_PUSHPULL | PAL_STM32_OSPEED_HIGHEST); palSetPadMode(DC_PORT, DC_PAD, PAL_MODE_OUTPUT_PUSHPULL | PAL_STM32_OSPEED_HIGHEST); // Apply default states palSetPad(CS_PORT, CS_PAD); palSetPad(RESET_PORT, RESET_PAD); palClearPad(DC_PORT, DC_PAD); // Start the SPI driver spiStart(SPI_DRIVER, &spi_cfg_8); #if ST7735_NEED_BACKLIGHT pwmStart(&PWMD2, &pwmcfg); palSetPadMode(GPIOB, 10, PAL_MODE_ALTERNATE(1)); //PB10 to Timer2/Ch.2 pwmEnablePeriodicNotification(&PWMD2); pwmEnableChannel(&PWMD2, 2, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD2, 5000)); pwmEnableChannelNotification(&PWMD2, 2); #endif } static GFXINLINE void post_init_board(GDisplay* g) { (void)g; } static GFXINLINE void setpin_reset(GDisplay* g, bool_t state){ (void)g; palWritePad(RESET_PORT, RESET_PAD, !state); //Low Active } static GFXINLINE void acquire_bus(GDisplay* g){ (void)g; spiAcquireBus(SPI_DRIVER); spiSelect(SPI_DRIVER); } static GFXINLINE void release_bus(GDisplay* g){ (void)g; spiUnselect(SPI_DRIVER); spiReleaseBus(SPI_DRIVER); } static GFXINLINE void write_cmd(GDisplay* g, uint16_t cmd){ (void)g; uint16_t d = cmd; palClearPad(DC_PORT, DC_PAD); spiSend(SPI_DRIVER, 1, &d); palSetPad(DC_PORT, DC_PAD); } static GFXINLINE void write_data(GDisplay* g, uint16_t data){ (void)g; spiSend(SPI_DRIVER, 1, &data); } static GFXINLINE void write_data8(GDisplay* g, uint8_t data){ (void)g; spiSend(SPI_DRIVER, 1, &data); } #endif /* _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H */ This worked for me. best regards.
  11. doc_rob


    I had to move it because i use the macro in board.h, but i see your point. I made a different approach and moved all RAM(g) related code to gdisp_lld. Here is v0.6 board_KS0108.h gdisp_lld_KS0108.c
  12. During my work with the KS0108 driver i ordered another display to test the driver more extensively. I later found out that the display used a different chip - the RA6963. I had to write a new driver. I took all the advice of the uGFX team i got from the KS0108 driver and did the best i could. Here is the result: gdisp_lld_config.h gdisp_lld_RA6963.c board_RA6963.h
  13. doc_rob


    I got a chance to look at the code, unfortunately it does not compile. I made some changes: .) removed KS0108_goto altogether (there's a typo in the argments anyway) .) had to move #define CHIPS, #define BUFFSZ and #define RAM(g) to board_KS0108.h After that it will compile and it works as far as i can test (means without readback) it. Let me know what you think about it. best regards, robert EDIT. I almost forgot, i had to remove (void)state; in setpin_reset for the if(state) to work. board_KS0108.h gdisp_lld_KS0108.c
  14. doc_rob


    I wiil do that as soon as i am finished with the T6963 driver. best regards, robert
  15. doc_rob


    Version 0.3 of the driver. best regards, robert board_KS0108.h gdisp_lld_KS0108.c gdisp_lld_config.h
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