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  1. I am wondring i I can create pages in UGFX and I can go to each page using pushButton? Like some examples for UGFX in Youtube.
  2. I am Electrical engineering student and I do not know a lot about coding so I tried to run it but it did not works and my friend who's a computer science saying that the make files is not completed
  3. Mutasim

    SMT32f407 demo

    Do you have a specific project that can run the stm32f407 with its expansion board (STM32F4DIS-BB) and the DM-LCD35RT touch screen on Keil uVision? if yes that would be a big help.
  4. Please can you help me to understand how to run the demo in the /demos/games/tetris directory inside the µGFX library directory in Keil or atollic please? I have project due in less than a week and I am really struggling with designing my LCD display.
  5. Mutasim

    SMT32f407 demo

    I have found the file and I have tried to run the program but I could not because I am not sure what library I should use so I would like to ask if you can help me by uploading all the file that is needed to run the program so I can be able to run the board. I also wanna ask if you have example that can be run in KEIL
  6. Mutasim

    SMT32f407 demo

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.
  7. Mutasim

    SMT32f407 demo

    I have looked at the youtube and there were a demo for stm32f407 with the LCD but I could not find it in the website so can someone provide me the link to the demo please?
  8. Hello, I am using STM32f4 discovery board, expansion board, and DM-LCD35RT and I am wondering if this ugfx_studio will support my LCD and will help me to program it. If not, can I design and copy the codes and past it in my project?
  9. I was trying to follow this for my stm32f407VG discovery board but it looks like the files does not support my board. is there any file that you think can support the board the same way that was done in the video so I can use ugfx to design my board?
  10. Mutasim


    Hello, I am using STM32f407VG with LCD DM-LCD35RT and I am wondering if there is a tutorial or project that I can use to design my LCD display for my senior design project. Please I need you help I am really struggling.
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