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  1. Hi Joel, I did realize the second parameter was a timeout and there is no reason for me to use anything other than TIME_INFINITE in my case. What I meant to say is that accessing the null pointer on the x86 build does not behave in the same way as the embedded platform so I added the safeguard to allow it to run. I mentioned it to point exhaustively all the differences between my embedded code and this one. Cheers, Sébastien
  2. I didn't step through the code yet simply because I don't have a proper debugging setup yet, having some issues with the Atmel EDBG thing that I'll look into now. In the meantime I did browse through some of the code involved in redrawing and I noticed that #define GWIN_REDRAW_IMMEDIATE TRUE fixes my problem, although other glitches appear such as the sidebar widgets being hidden under the buttons. Will get back when I get a working debugging setup (should have done that before posting, sorry).
  3. Here is a working build on Win32 Some notes on usability: Make sure to change the path to your ugfx library in Makefile (sorry for stating the obvious, this message is for anyone else in the future). The project has 6 pages numbered 00 to 05. Page 00 is displayed at startup Pages 01 to 04 are displayed using the 4 clickable zones in the sidebar on the right. These zones are not currently delimited graphically, it's something I will fix later by applying a texture to the container background but it is low priority. Page 05 is not reachable current
  4. Hi Joel, That was quick Well, I was mostly interested in a "top of your head" answer for something blatantly obvious that I was missing or misusing, or for a referral to a similar problem experienced by someone else that I may have missed when reading past posts in this forum. If this isn't the case and you are willing to dive into the code I can certainly share the project but since it's custom hardware that I'm designing you won't be able to run it as-is. It's also currently formatted as an Atmel Studio solution so you would need that to build it out of the box. Or maybe you were t
  5. Hello, I'm currently developing a µGFX based GUI on ATSAMG55J19 running FreeRTOS, with a ILI9431 controller in SPI 4-wire mode. I've started prototyping the GUI in baremetal first to split the development into smaller problems. I'll integrate it in a FreeRTOS task later once I'm happy with the result. The application has multiple screens, for which I'm using containers. Not relevant to my current question but maybe worth mentioning is that I have a sidebar that uses a unique instance of a container that doesn't need to be refreshed when changing pages, while the pages themselves are
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