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  1. Hi. You need the keyboard on your Page! Greetings
  2. Phenom

    Fontsize Error

    Wow. Here I am really in good hands. And Rome is also not created in one day. Thank you for the links;) I'll watch immediately.
  3. Phenom

    Fontsize Error

    Thank you very much. now runs without problems. The background error is corrected and the fonts run too! I am happy Prepare just the STM32 and am excited like a bow. I just got previously occupied row with the Arduino and was thrilled about the easy programing. but so also quickly came the insight that a gui development for Arduino was not "really" feasible. since me the space was just too small. (Also had the Mega2560) By STM32F7 I now have enough space to also run multiple widgets. On the subject uGfx Studio development. - What I still lack a button would be setting, where one activity, depending on the image may change. (On / Off for example) - During image import a PNG function. - In the slider, a button could contain the an image. Sorry for my bad english I use google. Best regards
  4. Phenom

    Fontsize Error

    Will always better. I still lack background knowledge something. even a small error is just me noticed. the background designer must be open with, otherwise the line not shown. Thank you for your quick response!
  5. Phenom

    Fontsize Error

    like I send, the small project, as this is only a private interface for my STM32F746NG-DISCOVERY and I want to make my contribution. The project I had on, but in order to avoid errors, I had the system reinstalled. (PATH Errors and more) since and through the update, all is well. (only the font error) I hope that the font quality ones do not suffer too much if the problem is resolved. But I must also confess that I have not tested the software on the STM32F7. Maybe it is even a simulator error? I check it tomorrow and will continue to report. Thanks for the link and the answer. wish you continued success. Phenom Phenom.zip
  6. Hello. Once a huge compliment to uGfx! I tripped over you when I resigned, that there are good WYSIWYG editors, only at great expense. Then you develop all for free in your free time. Great! By uGfx Studio I'm very satisfied. After updating to uGfx 0.13 lot of mistakes have disappeared and the Font Manager happened. Super Feature! But that's a new error is also returned to. I set different font sizes a, but the preview shows everything only one! Keep it up and I'm sure that will be something big! (Hopefully you remain free, would also donate;)) Greetings Phenom
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