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  1. I made Chibistudio projects for this custom widgets. Running on STM32F429 discovery :-) Eddie uGFX-STM32F429-DISCOVERY_custom_dial.zip uGFX-STM32F429-DISCOVERY_custom_statusbar.zip
  2. updated version... workspace_ugfx.zip
  3. Hi, I created a workspace with demo projects for the Chibistudio. Maybe it helps someone in the beginning with ugfx. Eddie workspace_ugfx.zip
  4. After initial problems, I have a working project for version 2.0 and testing the demo projects. My setup is stm32f4 discovery board, Open407V-D board and 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD with SSD1289 and ADS7843. I will report possible bugs.
  5. in current trunk, gdisp lcd SSD1289.c semicolon is missing.. line 243: dma_with_noinc(g, &c, g->p.cx*g->p.cy)
  6. Eddie

    How To Start

    Only modifications in path to chibios and ugfx. In guide is included only $(GFXLIB)/boards/base/Olimex-STM32-LCD/board.mk # your board, but in makefile in example folder are included include $(GFXLIB)/boards/base/Mikromedia-STM32-M4-ILI9341/board.mk include $(GFXLIB)/boards/base/Mikromedia-STM32-M4-ILI9341/ChibiOS_Board/board.mk
  7. Eddie

    How To Start

    Little progress, project in directory Mikromedia-STM32-M4-ILI9341 managed to compile after small modifications. But here again makefile in example folder not in accordance with the site guide Maybe needed to unify the code. Thanks for all your hard work done in the development of uGFX.
  8. Eddie

    How To Start

    eg. file ugfx\boards\base\FireBull-STM32F103-FB\chibios_board\board.mk Why has this code, when board.c is in folder ugfx\boards\base.... I do not understand this Makefile is modified by this guide: http://ugfx.org/get-ugfx/11-documentation/37-get-ugfx-chibios # List of all the board related files. BOARDSRC = ${CHIBIOS}/boards/FIREBULL_STM32_F103/board.c # Required include directories BOARDINC = ${CHIBIOS}/boards/FIREBULL_STM32_F103
  9. Eddie

    How To Start

    I'm sorry, but make functional project in version 2.0 is currently impossible for me, available information is conflicting, board.mk files in ugfx folders contain bad paths. The previous version have not a problem, but I spent many hours with version 2.0, no result :-(
  10. ok, no problem. you can delete this topic, if you want
  11. Hi, why you delete my account?
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