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  1. I update repository and now works good. thank you.
  2. Hi Is there any example use ltdc with https://github.com/ChibiOS/ChibiOS-Contrib. I test ugfx with STM32F429i-Discovery board on chibios 3 but not work.
  3. I worked to integrated fribidi to show Bidirectional (Complex RTL and LTR) language in ugfx. This is my repository https://bitbucket.org/vahid_sohrabloo/ugfx I Tested on stm32f429 with ili9341 and correct work. I create fribidi folder in 3rdparty and create one example (fonts_bidi) Please check my code if no problem I create pull request.
  4. you right. I am php programmer . if I can help please tell me
  5. Hi I want to use custom font but any ttf file uploaded to ugfx.org/fontconvert.php say "Could not import font - bad file format?"
  6. Finally Work. Horaaaaaaaaaaa. Very thank you inmarket . I very soon release my code and work on touch. But I change very litle in ugfx.
  7. are you sure you're code is correct? I have error ./ugfx/src/gos/gos_mbed.h:52:9: error: 'gfxMutex' does not name a type typedef gfxMutex void;
  8. sorry for my bad English. I have question. I Switch to Mbed 2. and try to display. I need to use mbed data type in H file (Muttex) In example. I don't know how to handle. I can't Use mbed.h in header but need datatype Mutex that defined in mbed.h. Just please help in Mutex functions.
  9. Thank you. I need to use some type in mbed.h (need c++) to define in gos_xyz.h file like this in my header file need Mutex object type void gfxMutexInit(Mutex *pmutex); and in my cpp file void gfxMutexInit(Mutex *pmutex) { //todo *pmutex = new Mutex; }
  10. did ugfx support unicode and RTL language such as Persian, arabic and ....
  11. Thank you. I finaly compile with out error and runtime error. but on my dispay not show anything. I create new ili9341 to work with mbed spi void init_board(GDisplay *g){ _spi.format(8,0); _spi.frequency(100000); _CS=1; _DC=1; _reset=1; } void post_init_board(GDisplay *g) { (void) g; } void setpin_reset(GDisplay *g, bool_t state) { if (state == TRUE) { _reset=0; } else { _reset=1; } (void) g; // (void) state; } void setpin_dc(GDisplay *g, bool_t state) { if (state == TRUE) { _DC.write(1); } else { _DC.w
  12. I remove mbed.h and compile with gcc and not give me error.
  13. I very try to fix this but I dont know how to fix. I include drivers/gdisp/ILI9341/gdisp_lld_ILI9341.c file but I have this error again /home/vahid/blinky2/yotta_modules/mbed-ugfx/source/src/gdisp/gdisp.c:607: undefined reference to `GDISPVMT_OnlyOne'
  14. My g++ version gcc version 4.9.3 20150529 (release) [ARM/embedded-4_9-branch revision 224288] (GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors) Ok I change some code in ugfx to work correctly with g++ but now I have again problem this is my config file #define GFX_USE_OS_RAW32 TRUE /* GFX sub-systems to turn on */ #define GFX_USE_GDISP TRUE #define GFX_USE_GWIN TRUE #define GFX_USE_GINPUT TRUE #define GFX_USE_GEVENT TRUE #define GFX_USE_GTIMER TRUE #define GFX_USE_GQUEUE TRUE /* Features for the GDISP sub-system. */ #define GDISP_NEED_VALIDATION T
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