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  1. Hello, I use your image library for my hobies and I found great but I miss a widget for the realization of my app: a spin button for select values like the GtkSpinButton. I think this could be a good add. Thank's for your work and have a good day.
  2. Hello I download the last version and it's works fine thanks for all and big thanks for µGFX.
  3. Hello, first sorry for my english. I recently update my system to windows 10, before I was in windows 8.1. I use ugfx-studio 0.7 witch work fine since I update my system to 10. Now with a fresh download of ugfx-studio and the lastest ugfx source I have this error : "This test version has expired. Please make sure that you download the latest available release of the uGFX-Studio." Thanks in advance and have a good day. Isaya
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