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  1. I tried above code im not seeing anything just blank screen is coming..
  2. Hi, How to draw a graph inside a container..?
  3. madhu

    key mapping to screen

    Hi, Its true @inmarket I want to use arrow keys for changing the focus between buttons. Is there any alternate option for using arrow keys for buttons navigation.
  4. madhu

    key mapping to screen

    But physical keyboard arrow keys are not working with SDL only TAB and Enter are working.
  5. madhu

    key mapping to screen

    Hi, Will ugfx supports arrow buttons in physical keyboard(Down, up, side)..?
  6. It is working fine when I'm calling driver initialisation code twice.
  7. No it depends on demo what we are running.For example if I run button demo it looks different and if i run widget demo it looks different. Note:And also my board got splash screen when I turn on the board it I'll come and it I'll remain until run any framebuffer demo is it making any problem...?
  8. Hi, This happens only once after reboot and never again. I did not find any debug message on the terminal.
  9. Hi, I have some different problem with display. When ever I'm running my application it is not showing properly. If I kill the application and run again its working fine. You can find the difference between two images in the attachment.
  10. madhu

    key mapping to screen

    Hi, I'm getting following error when I'm building physical keyboard demo (/demo/module/ginput/keyboard). I'm building this demo for arm with linux frambuffer support. undefined reference to `GKEYBOARDVMT_OnlyOne'
  11. madhu

    key mapping to screen

    Hi, Thanks for the response. Is there any inbuilt keyboard driver? Is there a physical keyboard demo in ugfx?
  12. madhu

    key mapping to screen

    Hi, whatever the keys I'm using are gpio keys(Total 6 keys) . I have written a small C application to print key events. Following are the keys with event codes. event type 0 (Sync) event type 1(Key) event code 1:Esc event code 28:Enter event code 103:Up event code 105:Left event code 106:Right event code 108:Down Here I have a bit confusion how to write a board file with these keys.
  13. Hi. My screen doesn't have touch support. But my board got few button.So I need to Map those buttons to my screen.But I don't have any idea how to start it.please help if some knows how to do it. Note:I'm running Linux 3.0 on my board.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the support... Yes its working now....
  15. Hi, If I use GDISP_PIXELFORMAT_RGB888 I'm getting following error. GDISP Framebuffer: The display is 24 not 32 bits per pixel.
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