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  1. Maybe you should attach the problem file so we can see what you're doing.
  2. Hello Joel. Wondering how the F469 discovery support is coming. We have something working pretty well, but it would be nice to be able to "merge" into some official support.
  3. My friend and I managed to move the heap onto the external SDRAM. It turns out there is a frame buffer on there as well, so we had to move the heap beside the framebuffer on the RAM. Now I was able to increase the heap size and create a pixmap of 800x480. Blitting the entire screen takes about 1.2 seconds. This is good enough for our UI development so we will continue with that and migrate everything over to official support when it happens. Thanks for the continued updates on that.
  4. Short video showing rendering the same 200x100 pixmap over and over in a grid pattern as fast as possible. Ideally I'd have 1 big pixmap and then blit it all at once, but I ran out of internal memory. Next step is to try and put the pixmap on external SDRAM and evaluate the performance. I have seen this post but It's worth a try 20160830_194253.mp4
  5. Increasing the heap size to 90000 has allowed me to get 200x100 pixmaps
  6. Hi @Joel Bodenmann & @inmarket my friend helped me again to get pixmaps working on the project in Keil. I am able to run the pixmap demo code located here: https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/Pixmaps However, I now have a problem in that I can only create pixmaps of size ~100x50 maximum. I suspect a memory limitation. Without larger pixmaps I can't really see if there is an improvement in rendering. Thanks.
  7. @inmarket Thanks for those points. I was using ROMFS to read the file from internal flash. I saw the caching, but when I tried to use it it returned error, not enough ram. I read somewhere else here that the library is not using external ram for caching, but there is a workaround. I also read someone say that the performance difference between cached image and flash image is negligible. Eventually we will he reading map tiles from sdcard so it will need to be cached once loaded. I'll look into building the project with full make. Thanks for you help here, I will keep posting as I learn how to use this great library.
  8. Thanks for your offer, I'm glad you think the project is feasible. I was most worried about the decoding of the PNG files, as the map tiles come in that format. @Joel Bodenmann I tried loading BMP files but it is rather slow (10 fps?). Also, I tired enabling pixmaps to boost performance but there are multiple errors when the #define is enabled. For the map area I am using a window object and using the primitive draw methods to draw to only that window. This seems to work well enough. Keep up the good work, I'm glad support is coming soon.
  9. Joel, that looks very nice indeed. I look forward to using the new tool since we are building a rather complex GUI with a lots of screens for adjusting settings and displaying diagnostic information. I will also attemp to implement slippery map tile window in uGFX, similar to this. https://www.opencyclemap.org/
  10. I PM the project to you. My friend is wondering where he can find the studio project file for your demo projects, if it was made in studio.
  11. Yes it is working using cube. Touchscreen works. He tells me it's a bit of a hack but I can post the project if it will help expidite an official release.
  12. Hello, A friend of mine helped me get it working on the F469i, any idea when official support will be coming?
  13. Thanks for your quick reply. I will give it a shot and report back.
  14. Hello, wondering when there will be support for the new discovery board. Thanks
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