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  1. I did it. I found that the ADC values should be passed as a parameter "rawvalue" to the function DialCallback(gU16 instance, gU16 rawvalue) called by poll timer. Dial attached to sliders works ok. From ADC as well as from encoder.

    Now new question. May be not for this topic. How to do text string controlled by dial? Something like frequency readout. I think there is only one way. This is Label. But label can not be attached to simple variable in memory as dial and toggle to objects. Maybe there is an elegant way to do this?

  2. I launched a widgets demo project on STM32F429 Discovery board. Successfully added GINPUT TOGGLE for external buttons. But can't add support GADC analog input to control slider. ADC initialized by calling gadc_lld_init(). This is done. Dial attached successfully  by gwinAttachDial(ghSlider1, 0, 0); . It returns TRUE.  ginput_lld_dial_poll(DialCallbackFn fn)  called periodically with GINPUT_DIAL_POLL_PERIOD.  gadcLowSpeedStart(GINPUT_DIAL_DEVICE0, samplebuf+0, GADCCallback, (void *)fn);  called by ginput_lld_dial_poll(DialCallbackFn fn) (taken from example). Raw data from ADC in samplebuf. Of course it doesn't work.


    1. GINPUT_DIAL_DEVICE0. Is this just number of instance and can be any custom number?

    2. GADCCallback. Is this any custom user samples post processing  function callback?

    3. gadc_lld_nontimerjobI(&pdata->job); called by gadcLowSpeedStart(gU32 physdev, adcsample_t *buffer, GADCCallbackFunction fn, void *param) and it seems must capture data from the ADC.  It calls only one time after start.  Generally, i don't understand where is a point to input raw data from ADC. What should I do to control the slider  from external analog input?

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