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  1. Until now, the generic framebuffer driver supported RGB888 and BGR888 only through the unpacked 32-bits format. Now there is a new driver "Fb24bpp" that supports a framebuffer using RGB888 and BGR888 packed formats (24-Bits).

  2. Joel Bodenmann
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    By Joel Bodenmann,

    It has been quite a while since the last update as we were busy with a few things such as getting the new website done but that doesn't mean that we didn't make any progress.

    We finished implementing support for images and fonts. Just as with the rendering functions these are now part of the Resources section of the new model driven approach. Images and fonts can be declared at one central location and be used throughout the entire project - just as with the rendering functions presented in the preview.

    Here's a screenshot - just for the fun of it: