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I am extremely new at setting up uGFX for display, touch and UX.  I am using trueStudio IDE and have a project using a HAl built from STMCube as a starting point.  I have the project building to a point, but not to completion.  

I am confused on how to integrate LCD panel and touch glass using gfxconf.h and include files.

gfxconf.h defs

#define GFX_USE_OS_FREERTOS              GFXON
#define GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE                      40960
#define GFX_OS_NO_INIT                           GFXON 

#define GFX_USE_GDISP                            GFXON

#define GDISP_NEED_CLIP                        GFXON
#define GDISP_NEED_CIRCLE                   GFXON

#define GDISP_NEED_CONTROL              GFXON
#define GDISP_NEED_TEXT                      GFXON


#define GDISP_TOTAL_DISPLAYS           1

#define GDISP_DRIVER_LIST                    GDISPVMT_STM32LTDC


#define GFX_USE_GWIN                            GFXON

#define GWIN_NEED_WINDOWMANAGER                       GFXON

#define GWIN_NEED_WIDGET                  GFXON

#define GWIN_NEED_BUTTON                 GFXON

#define GFX_USE_GEVENT                       GFXON

#define GFX_USE_GTIMER                        GFXON

#define GFX_USE_GQUEUE                       GFXON

#define GQUEUE_NEED_ASYNC               GFXON

#define GFX_USE_GINPUT                         GFXON

#define GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE                GFXON

I have stm32_ltdc.h in my Inc folder

I have placed in gfx.mk this include -- include $(GFXLIB)/drivers/gdisp/STM32LTDC/driver.mk

I see this build error -- 


uGFX\src\gfx_mk.o: In function `_gdispInit':
C:\Users\fishe\Atollic\TrueSTUDIO\STM32_workspace_9.0\STM32F4\Debug/..\uGFX\src\gdisp/gdisp.c:601: undefined reference to `GDISPVMT_STM32LTDC'
uGFX\src\gfx_mk.o: In function `_gmouseInit':
C:\Users\fishe\Atollic\TrueSTUDIO\STM32_workspace_9.0\STM32F4\Debug/..\uGFX\src\ginput/ginput_mouse.c:669: undefined reference to `GMOUSEVMT_OnlyOne'


I'm in the process of paying for a commercial license and support.  

Any help u can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Edited by Joel Bodenmann
Adding code boxes

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Hello and welcome to the µGFX community!

Did you check out the Eclipse guide in the wiki (and/or the guides for the various eclipse based IDEs)?

P.S. Next time please use code boxes in your post (I've added them).

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Please carefully read the guide suggested above. It will explain a lot.

The first error is caused by adding the GDISP_TOTAL_DISPLAYS and the GDISP_DRIVER_LIST settings in your gfxconf.h. These lines are for multiple display support and are not needed for a single display. Instead the correct driver is managed using the compiler include path and the link script as per the above guide.

The second error is caused by not including a mouse/touch driver. Either include a driver or remove the GINPUT_NEED_MOUSE setting and optionally the GFX_USE_GINPUT setting from your gfxconf.h file.

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Thanks for the quick response.  Will use code boxes for future support questions.  

I did check out and read and followed the Eclipse guide.  Found some of these setup parameters in the GTXConf file confusing with no prior background with this tool set.

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