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uGFX-Studio can support .ico file type?

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The issue here is not so much about Studio, uGFX itself doesn't support .ico files. Once support has been added to uGFX the Studio developers will quickly add support into Studio.

As Joel mentioned, if you want to take on adding .ico support to uGFX then the Studio developers will add support into Studio shortly thereafter. This shouldn't be too hard as I believe it is similar to BMP which is already supported.

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Ah, sorry... I didn't read your post carefully enough (phone in the bus).

As @inmarket said it's not an µGFX-Studio limitation: We need the underlying ICO decoder in the µGFX library itself. Other than that, all that the studio could do is converting any image to BMP/GIF/PNG or JPG and there are tools that do a much better job at that than the µGFX-Studio would :)

Adding support for that in the µGFX-Studio once the underlying library supports it takes less than an hour of work.

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