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Completely stuck

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I have tried for several days to convert the Psoc 5 project ILI9341 and use the 2.8 library and the ST7735 I have something working the SPI appears okay but the screen just shows garbage (attached Screen Shot) I have also attached the project and am hoping someone can help as I am now completely stuck. Thank you



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@DPJones we understand your frustration but this is a public community forum which is managed by the µGFX developers in their spare time. We really don't have the manpower to just download an entire project and look through everything. Also, keep in mind that µGFX is quite big and complex. The issues are almost always in the board files or the driver initialization code on which we have almost no influence on. There's very little we can do on those ends - the rest of the quality of the software does not related to those parts.

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In your board file, you drive the chip select pin of your display. You should not keep that line constantly low or anything because that can lead to unwanted situations.
The chip select line should be lowered and raised in the acquire and release bus functions.

Other than that I have no idea if the ST7735 driver is functional. Last time it came up there were some issues with it.

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