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Looking for a current Demo for STM32F429I-disc1-discovery board

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I have the current uGFX-Studio, and I was hoping to find an example that I could use with

 STM32F429I-disc1-discovery board.

I have compiled the example project "STM32F429i-Discovery with ChibiOS using ChibiStudio 1.2".

I was hoping to use " uGFX-Studio" to generate a new display for it.



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Hello @jbsull,

All you need to do is setting the correct target options. Then you can create any GUI in the µGFX-Studio that you can then run on your board. Just right-click the Default target in the Targets entry in the design model on the left side of the µGFX-Studio and set the corresponding OS, CPU and so on.
Of course you'll also have to set the correct display resolution (240x320). You can do that when you create a new project.

Once that is setup just create your GUI and generate the code. The generate code can be copy-pasted to your existing project and everything should compile out of the box.


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1 minute ago, jbsull said:

Q1) How do I create fonts ?

That's explained here: 


2 minutes ago, jbsull said:

Q2) How do I set the background - is it an image ?

You need to create a background by right clicking on Backgrounds in the design model. You can then either add static GDISP items to the background. Alternatively, you can set a full-screen background image by simply assigning a background image in the background property editor on the right side if you have nothing selected in the background.
Once you're happy with your background you can select the display page and assign the background in the sidplay page property editor on the right side.


I hope that helped.

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It appears that "Add font" should really be "Add Font File" ? (which I don't have any of...)


Also, The font converter expects "something" - what do I give it ?


I was expecting to see a list of windows fonts - is this a copyright issue, and I have to go to an external site ?

Are you expect .ttf ? files



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