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Joel Bodenmann

uGFX-Studio v0.20 - Beta

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Is the following issue related or is this another issue? The widget suddenly jumps to another position. I can give you the project if you want...



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I have tested new version of Studio.

1. Indeed, it corrects coordinates of widgets inside containers. Also, in this version of Studio I cannot move widget to get its coordinates less than [2, 2].

This means for me, that all widgets are slightly shifted inside a containers, i.e. I cannot make container with a border, and place widget filled with some color inside, and get 1 pixel black space between container's border and widget's background. Can I do something with it? Maybe some reason requires such behavior?

2. This version generates define GDISP_NEED_CONVEX_POLYGON (without leading #), and just defines GDISP_NEED_CONVEX_POLYGON and GDISP_NEED_ARC, instead of defining them as TRUE. This leads to errors in IAR, because these defines checked in a code as #if, not as #ifdef.

3. I tried to use post-generation script, but with no luck :(

I have used .bat file to run my perl post-generation script, it runs when called from another folder as current, so it should be no problem with script itself, but generation code from Studio leaves clean sources for me, like my script was not run. I have used full path to .bat file, and path contains no spaces in it.

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Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated as always!

The next release is very near. So far we've added static text items to the background editor and I've also reworked the way that post generation stuff works. It's a lot nicer and a lot more flexible now.
I'm not sure if we add arraying support for the next release already or if we move that to a different release.

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I have the following situation.
Two containers are on the same page. If necessary, one or the other can be seen. If I try to combine containers, then one becomes the parent of the other.How to avoid such a situation.
The question is not on the topic. Prompt, please the correct way of creation a modal window by analogy with MessageDlg from windows api.

Best regards.

P.S. What function should menu item "Rise" do?

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