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Failing transplanting uGFX to OLED12864(SH1106)

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Hardware : NUCLEO-F302R8 

library: STM32-CUBEMX, uGFX 2.7

compiler:KEIL MDK 5.2

I try to interated to my board,it can pass compile, when I use oled own dirver,it can work, but the ugfx do not work, i think i have something wrong in the configuration.any boby help?




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Hello @leozhang

First of all: You shouldn't copy the driver out of the µGFX library to your project directory. The driver itself should remain in the µGFX library directory. You only have to put the board file in your project directory (that is unless you want to modify the driver).

If your driver doesn't pass the initialization then please use the debugger to set a breakpoint in the board_init() function and step through the code line by line to figure out where it hangs and why. Keil has a great debugger.

I haven't looked at the 3rd party OLED functions that you're calling but the board file itself seems fine on first glance. But you might want to consider adding the implementation for the setpin_reset() function in the board file as well.

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it seems i have problem in “   RAM(g)[xyaddr(x, y)] &= ~xybit(y)  ;  ” 

because when I use keil bebug and running at this code,the mcu will goto“ void HardFault_Handler(void)”

but I think the really problem is “    g->priv = gfxAlloc() ” yes that function.

my configuration are :

//#define GFX_USE_OS_WIN32                             FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_LINUX                             FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_OSX                               FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_ECOS                              FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_RAWRTOS                           FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_ARDUINO                           FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_KEIL                              FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_CMSIS                             FALSE
 #define GFX_USE_OS_RAW32                             TRUE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_NIOS                              FALSE
//#define GFX_USE_OS_QT                                FALSE
//    #define INTERRUPTS_OFF()                         optional_co
//    #define INTERRUPTS_ON()                          optional_co

// Options that (should where relevant) apply to all operating sys
//    #define GFX_NO_INLINE                            FALSE
     #define GFX_COMPILER                             GFX_COMPILER
//    #define GFX_SHOW_COMPILER                        FALSE
//    #define GFX_CPU                                  GFX_CPU_UNK
//    #define GFX_CPU_NO_ALIGNMENT_FAULTS              FALSE
//    #define GFX_CPU_ENDIAN                           GFX_CPU_END
  // #define GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE                            0
//    #define GFX_OS_NO_INIT                           FALSE
//    #define GFX_OS_INIT_NO_WARNING                   FALSE
//    #define GFX_OS_PRE_INIT_FUNCTION                 myHardwareI
//    #define GFX_OS_EXTRA_INIT_FUNCTION               myOSInitRou
//    #define GFX_OS_EXTRA_DEINIT_FUNCTION             myOSDeInitR
  //  #define GFX_EMULATE_MALLOC                       TRUE

so i dont know how to usb the  gfxAlloc()

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Please set GFX_COMPILER to GFX_COMPILER_KEIL and set GFX_CPU to GFX_CPU_CORTEX_M4 (or the floating point equivalent if you're using the FPU). Don't forget to recompile from scratch after making those changes (clean build).

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Also you need to set GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE to something other than zero. This is the heap size when using Raw32 so it is not surprising your memory allocations using gfxAlloc are failing. Try setting it to say 10240 as a starting point (10K heap size).

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