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Studio on MacOS Sierra

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Hello @jkraptor and welcome to the µGFX community!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've added it to our ToDo list. However, it's super low priority for us. We're working on a completely new version of the studio which should be ready for the first test release soon so we don't really want to spend more time on the current/old one as absolutely necessary. The new studio is a complete rewrite from scratch and is a lot more powerful: 


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@Joel Bodenmann

I just watched the video for the uGFX editor teaser. Here's what I really like:

  • uses the library rendering. (essential)
  • can change styles interactively
  • can create rendering functions, with real-time compiling and error reporting.(could we adjust the 400ms delay? I type slower that you).

Here is what I think is missing from uGFX:

The Art Pipeline

Really good UI components are designed by graphically capable people, which are often not programmers. So, if we want to create a complete set of widgets, we get them designed and then a programmer has to figure out how to create the rendering functions.  A much simpler way is to use resizable sprites and render these.  For example a button has a background sprite (nine-sliced) and a foreground text and/or icon. Unity (the game engine) takes this approach.

Now Unity is not embedded, but it is cross platform.  And in gaming, we see many great, custom UIs. On most teams I've seen, a UI artist designs the components which are later implemented by a programmer.

I've provided an example below of custom sliders that we use in our game Xemo - a robotics simulator.

The sliders have three components:
- the background
- the fill area
- the handle

Each of these is a sprite image. I can be colored, but we use white, which gets replaced with a run-time selected color (like red, green blue in this case).

If you want a square handle instead of a round handle, the artist just has to provide a different sprint. No coding necessary.

So, for uGFX, can you create a set of custom renderers, one for each widget, that would allow the programmer to just indicate what component sprite to render? It seems like you have most of the stuff in place to already to this.  Custom renderers provided with this approach would make it much easier to include the art people in the development pipeline.

I think if you take this approach, you will get some really amazing UI designs used with uGFX, which is really needed for embedded. 





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Hello Jeff,

Thank you very much for your feedback - we appreciate it a lot.
As you mentioned we have almost all the stuff in place to implement the feature(s) that you're suggesting/requesting. It's something we definitely want to achieve and it's currently simply a matter of time. We are looking forward getting the first public test version of the new studio out soon - we're really looking forward for all the great feedback such as yours to figure out what features are the most important to get them done ASAP.

Stay tuned - this stuff will happen eventually :) 

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Rendering using image sub-components is actually already implemented for most controls just not so fine grained currently.

Eg the image draw for the button widget takes a 1x1 to a 1x3 (obviously multiplied by the button width and height) image where the extra images represent the normal, depressed and disabled states respectively. 

It would make a nice exercise for someone to create a custom draw that can do (4 x corners + 4 x sides + tiled fill) x 3 states.

Unfortunately we haven't had time yet as we have a lot of development already on our plate. We would love someone to contribute just such a custom draw for a number of widgets.

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