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V1.8 compilation problems

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I've upgraded to the latest ugfx version, and I am seeing some compilation errors.

1) there is an undefined variable "ld" within src\gwin\button.c in the the following code

gdispFillArea(gw->g.x, gw->g.y, ld, ld, gw->pstyle->background);

2) there is no definition for "gfxQueueASyncInit", which seems like there is some missing header files for gwm.c under src/gwin

Any help would be appreciated to get the new ugfx running



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I have just updated the button code to fix the compile error there. It was being caused by extra custom button drawing routines that are not always compiled in.

With regard to "gfxQueueASyncInit" - it is defined in include/gqueue/gqueue.h

It is turned on by having


in your gfxconf.h

This should have automatically been set anyway when the GWIN Window Manager is compiled (include/gfx_rules.h). If that is not working for you just add the above lines to your gfxconf.h and it should make sure that that function is defined.

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