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Background color does not change.

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Hi Joel.

I did some tests in the new version and there were some bugs.

1 - Background color does not change.
2 - overlapping names in the new color.

Video attached, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

English, due to the google oracle.



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You are altering the startup color not the background color.

The startup color is the color of the lcd when the display is first turned on before any drawing occurs.

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Hello Ivan,

Thank you very much for your feedback - and especially the video. We appreciate it a lot!

As @inmarket already mentioned, you are modifying the start-up color. The start-up color is a setting in the configuration file. That color is used to fill the display with when gfxInit() is called (respectively the internal init function of the GDISP module).
There is also a background color setting in the GWIN module. However, don't get confused by that either: That is the background color used for the individual windows.
If you want to change the background color of your display page, you have to create a background. You can do this under Tools -> Background Designer. In there you can create design a new background. Currently, the proper way to change the background color is by adding a rectangle to the background, placing it at 0/0 and giving it the size of the entire display (which is shown in the statusbar at the bottom left hand corner of the background designer). We are looking to improve this by for example adding a "set background color" option to the Background Designer. If you have another idea/suggestion, we are happy to hear all about it.
Once you finished designing your background you can close the background designer and apply the background to your display page by clicking on an empty space in the display page. The editor in the upper right hand corner will allow you to set the background.

Regarding the overlapping names in the Color Manager: Can you please open a bug report in the bug tracker? You can add the video there too. That would help us a lot!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, other bug reports or generic feedback. We are happy to hear all about it!
We are looking forward to release a new update of the µGFX-Studio within the next four weeks.

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