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Fontsize Error

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Hello. Once a huge compliment to uGfx! I tripped over you when I resigned, that there are good WYSIWYG editors, only at great expense.
Then you develop all for free in your free time. Great!


By uGfx Studio I'm very satisfied.
After updating to uGfx 0.13 lot of mistakes have disappeared and the Font Manager happened.
Super Feature!

But that's a new error is also returned to.
I set different font sizes a, but the preview shows everything only one!


Keep it up and I'm sure that will be something big!
(Hopefully you remain free, would also donate;))


Greetings Phenom



Edited by Phenom

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Hello Phenom and welcome to the community!

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it a lot!
We don't plan to change the licensing model of the µGFX library. It will always stay 100% completely free for all non-commercial use - without any restrictions.
We'll put some donation button online soon ;)

Regarding your issue: That is very odd. We paid a lot of attention to make sure that the font sizes of the studio match the ones in the actual program. In fact, that was one of the most complains in the previous version of the studio. We really spend a lot of time making this work better and we found a way to make it match by a pixel. We took that issue so serious that we even decided to sacrifice some of the font quality inside the studio as explained in this post:

Is it possible for you to provide us with a *.zip archive containing your entire project (the project file and all the resources that you are using (that means all image and font files))? Then we could have a look.
If this is going to be a commercial product and you cannot publish it just send us (me) a direct message.

Looking forward to resolve this issue!

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like I send, the small project, as this is only a private interface for my STM32F746NG-DISCOVERY and I want to make my contribution.
The project I had on, but in order to avoid errors, I had the system reinstalled. (PATH Errors and more)

since and through the update, all is well. :)  (only the font error)
I hope that the font quality ones do not suffer too much if the problem is resolved.

But I must also confess that I have not tested the software on the STM32F7. Maybe it is even a simulator error?
I check it tomorrow and will continue to report.


Thanks for the link and the answer. wish you continued success.



Edited by Phenom

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Thanks, I'll check your project tomorrow!

Note that this can't be a simulator error for 100% sure. The simulator is not a simulator. It's a native uGFX application. uGFX has been build to be as portable as anyhow possible. The win32 board files allow to compile a real windows application - no simulation, no emulation. You get the real deal. Therefore, the "simulation" will always be a 1:1 exact, 100% match to what you will have on your actual hardware :)

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Will always better. B|
I still lack background knowledge something.

9_9even a small error is just me noticed.
the background designer must be open with, otherwise the line not shown.

Thank you for your quick response!

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Okay, I took a look at the project and I managed to track down the issue: You are using the wrong name in the Font Engine field in the font manager. You want to use the second entry of the struct, not the first one. You want to use "Michroma12" instead of "Michroma Regular 12". What happened is that it couldn't find the font and therefore just took the last (or the first?) one in the list which was the same font but a different size. fixing that makes everything look the way it should:


Another small remark: You don't want to draw a rectangle spanning the entire display area in the background designer. The proper way of changing the background color of the application is to change the Background color in the WidgetStyle that has been assigned as the Default WidgetStyle in the Settings. Using the other method will not only waste a lot of performance but can also lead to undefined behavior for some of the GWIN features. More information about that can be found here:



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Thank you very much. now runs without problems. The background error is corrected and the fonts run too! I am happy :)
Prepare just the STM32 and am excited like a bow.

I just got previously occupied row with the Arduino and was thrilled about the easy programing. but so also quickly came the insight that a gui development for Arduino was not "really" feasible. since me the space was just too small. (Also had the Mega2560)
By STM32F7 I now have enough space to also run multiple widgets.

On the subject uGfx Studio development.
- What I still lack a button would be setting, where one activity, depending on the image may change. (On / Off for example)
- During image import a PNG function.
- In the slider, a button could contain the an image.
Sorry for my bad english :/ I use google.

Best regards
Edited by Phenom

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We are very happy to hear that you got everything working and that you are satisfied with it! :)


11 minutes ago, Phenom said:

What I still lack a button would be setting, where one activity, depending on the image may change. (On / Off for example)

That can be done by using a checkbox widget with a custom rendering routine. A custom rendering routine allows you to use an existing widget but to render/draw it manually however you like. You could take a slider and make it look like a rotary dial that way. A widget really just specified the behavior and the logical implementation of a widget. When we talk about a PushButton, then we all know that it is some sort of widget that can be pressed. However, the word PushButton doesn't specify how it looks. The custom rendering routine allows you to make it look like however you want. Another example: The list widget. Everybody assumes that it will contain a list of times, but a list widget doesn't  specify how it actually looks, that can be up to you! There are people that use the list widget to make a list of icons similar to the app launchers you know from smartphones.
You can find a guide on how to create custom rendering functions here: http://wiki.ugfx.org/index.php/Creating_a_custom_rendering_routine In that tutorial we show how to create a button that has an icon and text. We plan to extend it with a more complex rendering routine in the future but you should get the idea from that. Just open a new thread in the support section if you are having any questions or troubles getting this done. We are happy to help you wherever we can!
Please make sure that you use the latest master branch of the uGFX repository when working with custom rendering routines as there were some bug fixes that are not in the 2.4 release yet.


16 minutes ago, Phenom said:

During image import a PNG function.

Having built-in image converts is something we'd like to provide, but we consider it a very very low priority feature and most likely that won't come anytime soon.
However, in case of PNG we are currently working on adding support for PNG images directly to the µGFX library. Should be finished in a couple of days.


17 minutes ago, Phenom said:

In the slider, a button could contain the an image.

You can do that with just a few lines of code yourself using a custom rendering routine. See above :)

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