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Zephyr 2.3.99 support

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I'm trying to use the current version of uGFX (2.9) on a NUCLEO-L452RE running zephyr 2.3.99 as the operating system and a display with a HX8347D LCD-Controller and a XPT2046 Touch-Controller. According to the uGFX Wiki


The Zephyr port works out of the box without any modifications.

However I ran into some issues trying to get uGFX and Zephyr to work together.
I have included uGFX into the Zephyr-Project via Single File Inclusion to accommodate for Zephyrs CMake based build system.
The functions _gosPostInit() and _gosInit() are missing in the file gos_zephyr.c.
I set a compile-flag to reactivate some deprecated int-Types of Zephyr that uGFX needs.
Also the function gfxSleepMilliseconds(gDelay ms)  doesn't work, because Zephyr changed the function k_sleep(ms) it is replaced with to expect a struct instead of an integer.
Currently I'm trying to setup a board-file for the LCD-Controller.

Are there any board-files for Zephyr I could use as a reference? Or is there some glue-code I missed out on?
If those don't exist it would be helpful to know, which versions of uGFX and Zephyr the information in the uGFX Wiki is based on, since the mentioned Wiki-Page was last updated in 2017.




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Hello & welcome to the µGFX community!

The Zephyr port definitely needs a port to v2.9 to cover for the problem you listed (mainly the type updates) and making it therefore future proof for µGFX v3.0.
We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide an updated version of the Zephyr port :)
The Zephyr port was provided by the community member @nathan.loretan and I think µGFX 2.7 or 2.8 was the latest release at that point. However, porting to the current v2.9 version should be very easy as not much changed on µGFX's side (see changelogs).

The board files are completely independent from the GOS layer. You should be able to use any board file no matter what underlying system you're running µGFX on.

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