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LCD pixel incorrect STM32H7

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Hi... i have a problem with my project using STM32H743, i use ChibiOS 18.2.0 & UGFX 2.9 .... my problem is when i drawing a picture in LCD, it's broken. i have eliminate SDRAM, then using AXI SRAM. im using LTDC peripheral for LCD, & ili9341 as controller ,the problem look like below....

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-26 at 08.56.50.jpeg

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It's a bit difficult to judge based on the image with the angle & blury-ness but it looks like there's an issue in the setup of the display controller scanlines. The ili9341 display controller families are known to have various issues such as mis-matching silicon revisions and suppliers simply shipping a slightly different chip. This usually results in incompatible initialization routines.

Check out the GDISP driver file (inside something like /src/drivers/gdisp/ili9341/) and check the initialization routine. Usually the manufacturer and/or supplier of a display module will provide you with minimal sample code. Simply take the initialization routine you get from the sample code and plug it into the GDISP driver.

I'd also recommend you to use the forum search - there's plenty of these issues regarding ILIxxxx display controllers around.

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