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Colour macro error

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Hello & welcome to the µGFX community!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll put it on the ToDo list for checking.
Could you please leave a short description (and if necessary examples) as to why you think that this is the case? Some screenshots might also be helpful if possible :)

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Hi Joel,

Below are the results of testing the macros against each other.

r = 0,
g = 255
b = 0

rgb565 = RGB2COLOR(r, g, b)
= 0x07E0

TEST 1 - (((c) & 0x007E)>>3)
r1 = RED_OF(rgb565)
= 0

g1 = GREEN_OF(rgb565)  *
= 12

b1 = BLUE_OF(rgb565)
= 0

rgb565_1 = RGB2COLOR(r1, g1, b1)
= 0x0060
---------> Incorrect

TEST 2 - (((c) & 0x07E0)>>3)
r2 = RED_OF(rgb565)
= 0

g2 = GREEN_OF(rgb565)  *
= 252

b2 = BLUE_OF(rgb565)
= 0

rgb565_2 = RGB2COLOR(r2, g2, b2)
= 0x07E0
---------> Matches pure green original


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I have finally had a chance to check the line in question.

That line is never used - it is a comment put in for use by the documentation system doxygen. You can see the corresponding conditional compilation on line 132.

The line that actually gets used is the block of macros between line 304 and 313 for true color pixel formats.

So, in a proper compile it will correctly generate the color mapping.

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