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Precompiled dll Please!

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Can we please get a precompiled dll that we can just use the way we want???

All I need is a dll. And the instructions do not work for mingw, it get's compile errors like cannot find file half way thru.

Broken win32 build is so sad.

win32dll please that is at least winXP compatible just cause.

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Hello and welcome to the µGFX community.

Providing pre-built libraries (either static or dynamic) for µGFX is not a very good idea. The library makes heavy use of compile time optimization based on the various configuration options given in the main configuration file and the driver configuration files.
All those compile-time options influence the code that is being presented to the compiler during the pre-processor stage. Therfore, the binary code produced by the compiler (and eventually also the linker) depend on those options.
This reason makes it very useless to publish binaries. For certain things such as the GDISP feature set we could just enable everything which would result in a larger binary and call it a day but for many of the other options that's simply not possible because the pre-processor makes changes based on the underlying system, the compiler being used and so on. Furthermore, some options are application specific (eg. GDISP_NEED_MULTITHREAD).

TL;DR: Publishing pre-built binaries for uGFX is not a good idea because of lots of pre-processor modifications.

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