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Integration with own memory area

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How do you do?

I actually want to run the graphics library under Linux via the framebuffer interface, which unfortunately doesn't work yet.
What I have is a self-written program that uses a memory area and then talks to my controller via SPI.
How do I make the graphics library use this memory instead of a framebuffer?

Greetings Lukas

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Hello & welcome to the µGFX-Community!

The Linux framebuffer driver is meant to directly operate on the framebuffer memory provided by the Linux kernel (if this feature is enabled). It's a device such as /dev/fb0 (or similar) that the Linux kernel provides as a framebuffer.
If you do not want to use this framebuffer but render to a different display you'll have to provide a GDISP driver for this.

As you mention SPI I assume that you have a dedicated display controller. In that case, check whether your display controller is already supported by the µGFX library. Otherwise you'll have to write your own driver.

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