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how to integrate into a cubeMX makefile project?

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I want to give uGFX a try and integrate it into my existing cubeMX Makefile Project. (Bare Metal, no OS, no special tool-chain).

As I understand, I have to do following steps:

1) Download the GFX Library - done

2) Edit the gfxconf.h: #define GFX_USE_OS_RAW32                             GFXON - done

3) Edit the Makefile which cubeMX generated. Correct?

  1. Set the GFXLIB variable to the path pointing to the µGFX library root directory
  2. Include the main µGFX Makefile (/ugfx/gfx.mk)
  3. Add GFXSRC to the sources variable/list
  4. Add GFXINC to the include paths variable/list
  5. Include additional Makefiles of the µGFX library to include board files, drivers, ...

How do I do this and where in the cubemx generated Makefile? Is there an example somewhere? This would be awesome and save lots of time 🙂




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Unfortunately, we never worked with CubeMX enerated Makefiles ourselves. However, there are plenty of community members that did this successfully. As it's Makefile based you should definitely be able to just follow the official Makefile guide that you quoted in your post. 

Maybe someone like @cpu20 could help here (he's this community's IDE expert).

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