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Buffer overflow in BMP open

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gdispImageOpen_BMP() functions uses up to 36 bytes of allocated buffer in priv->buf.

Default allocated length of priv->buf is defined by GDISP_IMAGE_BMP_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE which is only 32 bytes. By default this causes a buffer overflow,.

Please increase default value of GDISP_IMAGE_BMP_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE to 36.

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The problem does not occur for most people as GDISP_IMAGE_BMP_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE is specified in pixels (not bytes). The issue occurs for pixel formats of a byte per pixel or less.

This has now been corrected by using the compiler to detect if it is too small and adjust the setting if necessary (along with displaying a warning).


This is now in the repository.

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