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Stephan van Kampen

Yocto Embedded Linux

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For a project we are using a yocto embedded linux bsp and are deciding to use the commercially licensed ugfx library for this.
Has somebody succeeded in integrating the ugfx library within a openembedded recipe using the preferred layered makefile approach?

At this moment I created a customized yocto-gcc.mk file. I manged to build the demo application.
The first time always results in a segmentation fault at the beginning of the application, after that I can start it normally (also other ugfx applications).

Perhaps it would be great to have default support for Yocto, as this is more or less the standard embedded linux environment nowadays.


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Did you try to debug to figure out where the segmentation fault origins from? It will most likely be due to an issue in the GOS abstraction as everything else is high-level code that builds on top of that.

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