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Render ready codes on virtual display

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Hello everyone.


I may not understand the whole workflow, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

The normal workflow using uGFX-Studio as following: we're dragging/dropping the interface pieces and then generating the result codes.


My question is about the reverse order: is there's a chance to make a to render on host from the ready codes ?

I'm not asking about the generation of the uGFX project from C sources, but just rendering of some codes in order not to flash the target every time I've made a changes in a code.


Thanks !

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Yes that's, possible. But it's currently not implemented in the µGFX-Studio itself. But you can compile any µGFX application as a native desktop application (eg. Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD, ...). The cool thing is that it's not a simulation or emulation like with other libraries, but instead it's a native application using the native µGFX library. Therefore, every single pixel is exactly like it will be on the target device.
Here's the guide on how to do that on Windows: https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/Your_First_Compile_-_Windows 
You'll find similar guides for Linux and MacOS.

Eventually, the µGFX-Studio will generate the necessary code (main code, configuration file, ...) and render it as part of the studio.

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