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ST7735 Driver

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I had problems with driving a 1.8" LCD when using the ST7735 driver that is currently a part of the uGFX V2.8  library. I found that unless the FRMCTR1 register had the RTNA byte was set to >2, even if the front and back porch bytes are adjusted accordingly, the display simply had a few vertical lines. Several ST7735 datasheets can be found on the web and the early variants had a different oscillator frequency and frame rate calculation which may go some way to explain why I was having problems. That said, I don't see why RTNA should not be set <2 provided that the overall frame rate isn't too high? 

Does anybody have any other datasheets/manuals etc that may help to explain this anomoly? 

It would seem from some of the forum comments that the ST7735 driver may not be fully supported as it may have some copyright issues but unless problems like this can be explained it would be hard to ensure any new driver supports all controller revisions.  

The attached photo shows the type of display I am using and is fairly typical of those that can be purchased on Ebay or Aliexpress.


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