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  1. Thanks @inmarket and @Joel Bodenmann If the new version is coming out in June, I think I can wait till that time. Just two weeks more ! Silas
  2. Hi Could not work on this for quite sometime, since pulled into some other issues So now finally I have a working set up - FreeRTOS + uGFX running on STM32F412 boad using FSMC 16 bit using ILI9341 controller - this set up shows me "uGFX" logo on gfxInit() followed by dark screen (as expected as I believe), I have attached the image. Next I have a simple page using label and button, does not use any custom font or any background designed in uGFXStudio. If I use the Studio generated code files in "output" folder, I definitely get errors. So would anyone please let me know what
  3. Hi Joel, Thank you so much for your reply and information. After cleaning up, I followed your directions and excluded the font files. Also defined the functions for gfxillisecondsToTicks() and gfxSystemTicks(). And then ran the build. The following error comes up: would you please help... Building file: ../ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.c Invoking: MCU GCC Compiler %cd% arm-none-eabi-gcc -mcpu=cortex-m4 -mthumb -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 '-D__weak=__attribute__((weak))' '-D__packed=__attribute__((__packed__))' -DUSE_HAL_DRIVER -DSTM32F412Zx -IC:/Ac6/Proj
  4. Hi Further trying to resolve the errors, I set the following as "TRUE" in the file gos_options.h in the directory ugfx_2.7/src/gos/ #ifndef GFX_USE_OS_RAW32 #define GFX_USE_OS_RAW32 TRUE #endif And then running the build, I was still getting the reference to the user font and still pointing to DejaVuSans10.c in rsc folder - but this is already included in ugfx_2.7/src/gdisp/fonts - so I removed the file userfonts.h generated from the studio code generator - and then run the build after cleaning. The build wend pretty smooth - it created al
  5. Hi Joel & Inmarket Reading through the forum topics, here is what I tried : I cleaned up my SystemWorkbench project, removed all uGFX references and brought back to what it was. then followed the steps below: 1. Added gfx_mk.c to the /Src folder of the project, 2. Added #include "gui.h" and #include "gfx.h" to the main.c 3. Added uGFX root directory path "c:/ugfx_2.7" and path "c:/ugfx_2.7/Src" to project "include" paths 4. Also added folder "uGFX" which contains all the code in "output" folder from uGFX_Studio after generating the code 5. In the file gf
  6. hi Thanks for your replies- here is what I am doing - I have a physical folder in my proejct directory called uGFX - where in I put all the "output" folder content from the uGFX-Studio after the code is generated. I also have a folder "DispDriver" under uGFX where in I put files related to the driver from the particular driver folder from "ugfx_2.7\drivers\gdisp". I have attached the pic file wiht this which would explain better. With this set up, I am still getting the same error - "fatal error: mf_bwfont.h: No such file or directory" - I know this file is under "ugfx_2.7\src\gdi
  7. Thank you so much Joel & Andrew Silas
  8. Hi I am using AC6 System Workbench for ARM with STM32CubeMx + TFT LCD with ILI9341 8 bit interface over FSMC. I tested the LCD with FSMC for simple routines like put pixel and fill the screen with color and it looks fine. Using the uGFX-Studio, I did only one page, very simple - using default widget style, generated the code. Also updated the template and renamed to board_ILI9341.h. And then finally copied required files into my project in System Workbench. Also added "include" paths. When I build the project, at first I got error: "The font file is not compatible with this version
  9. Looks like this has already been answered I did the search first before posting - searching for "v0.20" and the search did not return anything - something wrong there Well in the youtube video - it was mentioned that it is a preview and releasing in couple of weeks - and that was in Aug 2016.. Ok so I will play with v0.15 and will come back if questions.. Thanks SilasV
  10. Hi I am new to uGFX - I thought I will give it a try - coming from STemWin - and in hope to get quick support if needed I downloaded required files - but I found that uGFX-Studio in the download is v0.15 - where can I get v0.20? I saw the video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=J4Dss0sHplM - posting the link actually embeds the youtube widget - that is so cool - but I just wanted to put the link). Can anyone help me? Is the version 0.20 still not officially released? Thanks SilasV
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