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  2. It's a bit difficult to judge based on the image with the angle & blury-ness but it looks like there's an issue in the setup of the display controller scanlines. The ili9341 display controller families are known to have various issues such as mis-matching silicon revisions and suppliers simply shipping a slightly different chip. This usually results in incompatible initialization routines. Check out the GDISP driver file (inside something like /src/drivers/gdisp/ili9341/) and check the initialization routine. Usually the manufacturer and/or supplier of a display module will provide you with minimal sample code. Simply take the initialization routine you get from the sample code and plug it into the GDISP driver. I'd also recommend you to use the forum search - there's plenty of these issues regarding ILIxxxx display controllers around.
  3. Hi... i have a problem with my project using STM32H743, i use ChibiOS 18.2.0 & UGFX 2.9 .... my problem is when i drawing a picture in LCD, it's broken. i have eliminate SDRAM, then using AXI SRAM. im using LTDC peripheral for LCD, & ili9341 as controller ,the problem look like below....
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  5. Hello & welcome to the µGFX community. Please excuse the inconveniences you experienced. µGFX is very much alive and active. There has simply been an error in the automatic ordering system. All of your orders were received and by now you should have received a manual response to your purchase inquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you still not have received anything.
  6. Hi there, we are currently trying to get a commercial license. But contacting the uGFX company seems to be very hard. So far we tried simply to use the order form on the website, which does simply nothing. Then we sent Emails to the address in the contact information. But did not receive any response. I start to wonder if this company is still active or if choosing uGFX is a dead end. Has recently anyone had luck by contacting uGFX?
  7. Hi, why can not I download?
  8. I has make "virtual" GKeyboardVMT instance that subscribes and process events from Dial and emulate TAB or Shift+Tab key press to system. But Is it good way?
  9. Hello! I want to select controls by Dial (Encoder based). But can't understand how. I already make Dial driver for my Encoder and it work. But how to "emulate TAB event"? in gwidgetEvent() i found: case GEVENT_DIAL: // Cycle through all windows for(gh = gwinGetNextWindow(0); gh; gh = gwinGetNextWindow(gh)) { ..... } break but how to make it code work?
  10. I've never heard of anyone writing a µGFX GDISP driver for the NT35510 driver. However, writing a driver is very easy! You can find the corresponding documentation here: https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/Display_Driver_Model You can find examples in form of dozens of existing drivers in the µGFX library directory under /drivers/gdisp Furthermore, we're happy to help wherever we can! Just ask if you have any questions.
  11. Ginput handles mouse or touch events and any other input such as keyboard.
  12. Hello, i have a Waveshare Display with NT35510 Controller (https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/4inch_Resistive_Touch_LCD?Amazon). The Example runs. But now, i would use uGFX with the Display. Has anyone Driver or Example for me? Regards Sascha
  13. So it seems the very basic system is working but nothing else. I have the config file setup correctly and I can draw shapes, etc on the screen. Making a call to the below causes a core panic. //with defines #define textColor HTML2COLOR(0x001f2b) font_t font = gdispOpenFont("UI2"); //in setup gdispGDrawString(0,20,20,"TEST",font,textColor); //These work in setup gdispFillArea(0, 0, 320, 240, mainBackground); gdispFillArea(0, 0, 320, 40, menuActive); gdispDrawLine(0,40,320,40, menuOutline); Also trying to use the GWIN module needs the GINPUT module and that fails. I'm far from figuring that out but it's only worth the effort if I can get the text to draw. Maybe I have a false understanding of uGFX. I would like to make some widgets on the screen that I can move and update from code. I'd like to handle the navigation on my own and be able to highlight areas, etc. Why do I require GINPUT to use GWIN?
  14. Is there a way to use the SPI for another use through the CS pin?
  15. Hi, I was able to get this working (on VSPI, since thats what mine is hardwired to) by adding SPIClass SPI2(VSPI); I then changed all SPI to SPI2 and all HSPI to VSPI. File attached incase this helps anyone else. board_ILI9341.cpp
  16. im trying to run tft lcd 7 inch-24 bit rgb with stm32f103zet (144-pin) by ssd1963 driver. i read all post here and my sample code configuration is same as yours. my sample source is 16 but rgb and the order of connecting LData 0 - 23 of driver to LCD is diffreent from mine that is 24 bit. i even cant turn on the LCD through FSMC Mode!! please helm me how can i run it and where is the problem?!!!
  17. It sounds like something is going on with your memory allocator. The uGFX logo is actually not an image. It is a series of rectangles drawn on the screen. It is therefore possible that this call is the first call to the memory allocator. That is something you can test and debug. The other possibility is that the image is corrupt somehow. This is easy to check by looking at the parameters that are going to be used by the palette allocation and seeing if they are reasonable. Another possibility is that you have stack checking turned on in your compile. Many memory allocators are assumed to be single threaded and will hard-fault if running on a thread on a stack other than the main threads. Given you are running FreeRTOS which is multi-thread aware you can assume that its allocator is multi-thread capable however still check that you are compiling without stack checking turned on.
  18. Last I tested that was sufficient.
  19. Hello, What changes should be made to the gos_chibios.c file? Am I right to assume that I just change #if CH_KERNEL_MAJOR < 2 || CH_KERNEL_MAJOR > 5 #error "GOS: Unsupported version of ChibiOS" #endif to #if CH_KERNEL_MAJOR < 2 || CH_KERNEL_MAJOR > 6 #error "GOS: Unsupported version of ChibiOS" #endif Or is there more I should change?
  20. Hello, I have some troubles with displaying BMP monochrome picture on display. I use the ugfx library with the 128*64 display (ssd1306 controller) and STM32F103CBT6; FreeRTOS uses HEAP4 memory manager. uGFX starts working in a dedicated task (uGFX init) and LOGOis displayed. In process task I try to drawing image (BMP 24*24 pixels). void displayPainter::vPrintScreen(uint32_t numScreen, screenPayload_t& data) { switch (numScreen) { case 0: { static gdispImage myImage; gdispImageOpenFile(&myImage, "gasoline.bmp"); gdispImageDraw(&myImage, 0, 0, myImage.width, myImage.height, 0, 0); gdispImageClose(&myImage); } break; case 1:// Gazoline for station in km break; case 2:// Error menu enter break; case 3://Error entity break; case 4://Eraze error break; case 5://No eraze error break; default: //Startup LOGO and TEST break; }; } But code breaks into the HardFault Handler in gdispImageOpenFile() function (in allocating memory procedure for priv->palette value). This error occures with images, strings and LOGO are drawn correctly. I tryed to insert Image drawing code to uGFX initialization task. Same error occured. What's the matter? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance/
  21. The imagebox should automatically redraw when necessary. The only thing you have to make sure is that the image remains opened. The imagebox widget will simply clear the area if the assigned image is not opened (i.e. "nothing" will be rendered).
  22. Hi all, I have an ImageBox in a container. The image related to this ImageBox needs to be loaded from a memory card. GFILE is already working. My doubt is: is there a way to make the image be drawn automatically everytime the container is shown, or should I draw the image manually in this case? Thanks in advance.
  23. Indeed I can download the file now. I think it was a temporary problem. Thank you very much for your help! Ronald Wijnsema
  24. We're happy to help where we can - don't hesitate to ask on the forum. I assume you're referring to the attachment of a few posts above yours? I had no issues downloading it. I've re-attached it to this post. Let me know if the issue persists.ArduinoIDE_ESP32_ILI9341.zip
  25. I would love to try this library but it seems to have a rather steep learning curve. Hope to be using this lib, most popular one I found (bodmer TFT_eSPI) is not async proof and does not support multiple displays. The ArduinoIDE_ESP32_ILI9341.zip project looks very promising since this is precisely the hardware I'm using. However, the file was removed. Can anybody get hold of it? Thanks!
  26. air_265


    When will Studio be available? I looked in the downloads section and in various places, but didn't see it.
  27. I want use ugfx studio for cortex-M4 board, thank you!
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