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New rendering function: Thick arcs

Joel Bodenmann


A new function has been added to the GDISP module that allows drawing thick arcs: gdispGDrawThickArc().

 * @brief   Draw a thick arc.
 * @pre     GDISP_NEED_ARC must be TRUE in your gfxconf.h
 * @param[in] g             The display to use
 * @param[in] xc,yc         The center point
 * @param[in] startradius   The inner radius of the thick arc
 * @param[in] endradius     The outer radius of the thick arc
 * @param[in] startangle    The start angle (0 to 360)
 * @param[in] endangle      The end angle (0 to 360)
 * @param[in] color         The color of the arc
 * @note        This routine requires trig support. It can either come from your C runtime library
 *              cos() and sin() which requires floating point support (and is slow), or you can define GFX_USE_GMISC
 *              and either GMISC_NEED_FIXEDTRIG or GMISC_NEED_FASTTRIG.
 *              GMISC_NEED_FASTTRIG uses table based floating point trig operations.
 *              GMISC_NEED_FIXEDTRIG uses fixed point integer trig operations.
 *              Note accuracy on both the table based options are more than adequate for the one degree
 *              resolution provided by these arc routines. Both are much faster than your C runtime library.
 * @api
void gdispGDrawThickArc(GDisplay *g, coord_t xc, coord_t yc, coord_t startradius, coord_t endradius, coord_t startangle, coord_t endangle, color_t color);
#define gdispDrawThickArc(x,y,rs,re,s,e,c)  gdispGDrawThickArc(GDISP,x,y,rs,re,s,e,c)



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